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Charles Losey

Source: A Standard History of Erie County, Ohio, by Hewson L. Peeke, Chicago and New York: The Lewis Publishing Company, 1916.

The business of general farming and fruit growing, under the favorable conditions offered in Florence Township, has an enthusiastic and altogether successful follower in the person of Charles Losey, the owner of an excellent estate of 100 acres on Rural Route No. 1 out of Birmingham. Mr. Losey is a native of Erie County, though for a number of years he lived in the State of Michigan, and only quite recently returned to the county and rejoined the agricultural community of Florence Township.

His family is one that was identified for several generations or more with the State of New Jersey. His grandfather, Ichabod Losey, was born in that state about 1790, was a solid and substantial farmer there, and died near Newark when past eighty-five. He married a Miss Condent, who was a native of the same state, and she also lived to advanced years. They were consistent, members of the Baptist Church, and in politics he was a whig, and later joined the republican party and lived to see the triumph of its principles in the results of the Civil war, which had closed several years before his death.

In the next generation is John Losey, father of Charles. He was born near Newark, New Jersey, in 1818, grew up as a farmer boy, and when about thirty years of age came out to Ohio and while living in Huron County met Miss Sallie Ann Cole at Monroeville. They were married soon afterward in New York State. She was born at Buffalo about 1820, a daughter of John and Catherine (Francisco) Cole. Her mother was a daughter of Henry Francisco, who was born in France and came to America, probably as one of the followers of Lafayette, and served not only in the War of the Revolution but also the War of 1812. This soldier and American patriot died at Whitehall, New York, at the most remarkable age of more than a century. Mrs. John Losey had come with her mother from New York State to Ohio, her father having died and her mother having married a Mr. Hill. The latter and his wife both died in Huron County. John Losey after his marriage bought a farm near Monroeville, and he lived there until his death in 1900. His widow passed away in 1905, at the age of seventy-eight. Both were members of the Methodist Church and in politics he was a republican, aud as a family they enjoyed the full respect of the community in which they lived for so many years. They were the parents of five sons and four daughters, and all of these are living except the eldest child, Ichabod, who died unmarried when about forty years of age. Kate is the widow of Gardner and lives in Norwalk, Ohio. Thomas is a farmer near Monroeville and by his marriage to Mary Parsons has five daughters. Augustus is a farmer near Monroeville, living with his brother Thomas, and has a son by his deceased wife. Mary is the wife of Patrick McDonald, and they live at Louisville, Kentucky, and have a large family of thirteen children. The next in point of age is Charles Losey. Emma is the wife of Charles Cook, a farmer at Cheboygan, Michigan, and they have two sons and four daughters. Oscar lives in Townsend Township of Huron County, and has one daughter. Eugenia is the wife of Louis Bailey, a stationary engineer living at Norwalk, and they have two sons and one daughter.

It was at Monroeville in Erie County that Charles Losey was born April 26, 1858. He grew up in that community, received his education there, and lived on his father's farm until the age of twenty-four, when he was married in Wood County, Ohio, to Miss Rose Bratton. She was born in Huron County, January 8, 1862, and died in Michigan, January 8, 1900. She was reared in Wood County by her foster parents, Mr. and Mrs. Joseph McConnell, having been orphaned when a child by the death of her own parents, Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Bratton. Samuel Bratton was a soldier in the Civil war, was captured during one of the battles, and while kept in the notorious stockade prison at Andersonville, Georgia, died of exposure and starvation. A few years later his widow died leaving three children: Mrs. Losey; Almond, of Norwalk, and Delia, wife of Seth Fickenger, of Conneaut, Ohio.

After his marriage Mr. Losey took his wife to Cheboygan County, Michigan, and there bought and improved a farm. This section of Michigan was at that time largely undeveloped and he was one of the helpful factors in the agricultural and civic community. After his wife died there he married Mrs. Fannie (Beasley) Douglass. By her former marriage she has three children: Floyd Douglass, who died at the age of eighteen, and Abner and Herbert, both of whom are married and live in Michigan.

In the fall of 1907 Mr. Losey returned to Ohio, and at that time bought 100 acres of well improved land, with excellent farm buildings, near the Village of Florence in Florence Township. This has been the scene of his productive endeavors as a farmer for the past eight years. His early experience in Michigan and elsewhere has been valuable in the management of a farm in such an old settled country as Erie County. Besides general farming he does considerable fruit growing, and has an excellent apple orchard and nine acres of young peach trees, about 1,000 in number.

Mr. Losey by his first wife had nine children: Condent is a bachelor living at Des Moiness, Iowa; Fred lives at Missoula, Montana, and is married and has one daughter; Frank is a farmer with his father and still unmarried; Lena is the wife of Duwayne Burrows, a farmer in Florence Township and they have a son named Charles; Flossie lives at home; Lillie is the wife of Lloyd Davidson of Elyria, Ohio, and their children are Rosa, Belda and Wade; Margaret is the wife of Frank Parker, living east of Wellington, Ohio, and they have a son Charles J.; Belle lives at home; and Ada, the youngest, is now the adopted daughter of her aunt, Mrs. Cook of Cheboygan County, Michigan. Mr. and Mrs. Losey and family are members of the Methodist Episcopal Church. In politics he is a republican and while living in Michigan served as clerk of his township.

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