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Cheboygan and Mackinac County Newspapers

The listings contained herein are found in the microfilm copies of various newspapers found at the Mackinaw City, Cheboygan, or St. Ignace Public Libraries or from the State of Michigan Library in Lansing.

The listings contain marriages, anniversaries, divorces, personal profiles, naturalization, adoption, deaths, public notices (probate listings and applications for homesteads), etc. There are few births listed since so many children died in their childhood in the late 1800's and early 1900's. Most of the events recorded are for the areas covered by the local newspapers which included Cheboygan, Mackinac and some adjacent counties.

The listings are cross referenced whenever possible, i.e., a married woman is listed under both the spouse’s surname as well as her maiden name. Married daughters of the deceased are under their spouses’ surnames. Step-parents are also listed. Only one person with the same last name is included, therefore, if there are several relatives with the same last name, there is only one listing per article. If the surname is one you are researching, be sure to check the hard copy or microfilm for the first name(s). The newspapers frequently misspelled names even changing the spelling within the same article. Therefore, check names that may not be the exact spelling of the person you are researching.

This is not a definitive listing of all the death notices, etc. found in these microfilms. Most of them from the late 1800's and early 1900's are included in the “Local Lore” and “Our Neighbors” columns. These are too voluminous to read in detail. Many items are a single sentence. Every effort has been made to find as many as possible. If you are seeking an item and even if you find a separate article, look in these columns as well as any others of the same nature (the names of these columns change over the years) extending several weeks before and after the event you are seeking. Often the correspondents from the different areas were erratic in turning in their reports. Also more than one correspondent occasionally recorded an event.

It is suggested when you find a listing for someone you are researching that you thoroughly read the newspapers for the following and previous several weeks. It was very common for the papers to print items when relatives came to visit or left. They often told the relationship as well as those in the traveling party and the destination.

Additionally, genealogical events that occurred elsewhere (regardless of locale) that pertained to locals have also been documented and included in this listing. (For example, an item may state that so-and-so was called to wherever to attend the funeral, wedding, etc. of some relative.) Again all surnames in the item are listed.

Inasmuch as the early papers did not have the date on each page, the date selected was the first one found preceding the event. Also, be aware that occasionally the newspapers are not in exact sequential dating. You may have to check into several issues before or after the date you are seeking. There are even instances of misfiling among years — these occasions have been noted on the paper copies held by the Mackinaw City, Cheboygan and St. Ignace Public Libraries.

This project is possible only through the cooperation of the Mackinaw Area and Cheboygan Public Libraries. They are absorbing some of the costs of producing a hard copy and in funding the duplication of the microfilms. The Mackinaw City Library has recently obtained the St. Ignace and Cheboygan newspaper microfilms. If these materials have been of assistance, perhaps you might consider helping one or both libraries offset their costs with a donation.

To obtain copies:

Cheboygan Area Public Library's Genealogy Request Policy


Darlene Holling

It is recommended that you print this newspaper code sheet for your reference!

CCE Cheboygan County Era Oct 24, 1907 - Sep 30, 1909
CD Cheboygan Democrat Mar 04, 1880 - Dec 22, 1927
CDH Cheboygan Daily Herald Nov 15, 1904
CDT Cheboygan Daily Tribune Oct 25, 1915 - Feb 13, 1924
CFP Cheboygan Free Press Jan 06, 1876 - Nov 09, 1876
CN Cheboygan News Jun 30, 1909 - Aug 31, 1910
CO Cheboygan Observer Dec 22, 1927 - Jun 20, 1929
HSS Harbor Springs Standard Oct 09, 1896
MC Manitawauba Chronicle Jan 28, 1871 - May 20, 1871
MW Mackinaw Witness Feb 1892 - Nov 30, 1899
SID St. Ignace Democrat Mar 30, 1888
SIE St. Ignace Enterprise Nov 27, 1913 - Feb 12, 1925
SIN St. Ignace News Feb 22, 1887 - May 22, 1897
SIR St. Ignace Republican May 13, 1893

Important Notes:
  1. An asterisk * after newspaper code indicates no hardcopy of the article was made. You will need to view the appropriate microfilm.
  2. Please contact Pat Jahn if you have any old Cheboygan or Mackinac County newspapers. Most issues of these old newspapers were microfilmed, but not all and yours may be a missing one!
  3. Last UPDATE to this newspaper code sheet was November 1998.
  4. Last update to Surname List was December 1999. The Surname List now contains 26,656 entries.


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