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Hohler's Bakery

Submitted by Mary Savage

Hohler's Bakery, Cheboygan, Michigan. Perhaps about 1910. [View Large Photo]

Left to right, the people are: Ida Hohler, Estella Hohler, Ella Kahlbow, Lillian Hohler (smallest girl), unknown woman, Charles Cyril Morrow*, unknown male, Frank J. Hohler, and Melvin Hohler.

A fire destroyed the bakery in 1922 and Frank J. Hohler, the owner and a former alderman in Cheboygan, was killed trying to rescue an 8 year old boy in the building. Another boy took shelter in an oven and survived. [read article]

I donít know the name of the woman to the right of Ella Kahlbow, but this unknown woman appears in many other family photos. I wonder if she is Pearl E. Greenless who married Melvin Hohler Ė this is complete speculation. If you can identify any of the unknown people in this photo, please contact Mary Savage.

*Submitted by Linda Morrow Carlson: On the photo of Hohler's Bakery the fourth boy from the right is my father, Charles Cyril Morrow. He was the boy that saved himself in the oven. He is the one with the flour all over his shoes. He was about 14 yrs old at the time of the fire. He was born March 8, 1908. He stayed in the oven until he felt it was safe to open the oven door, when he got home his mother was rearranging the furniture to prepare for his wake. You can imagine what a shock that was to see her son walk in the house. My sister and I heard this story repeated many times, to other adults, when we were growing up. I just wanted to set the record straight.

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