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The Brown Block, 1910

Old Postcards and Photographs of Kalamazoo

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40 Winks Motel 1953 Academy St. 1910 American National Bank Building, 1947
Arcadia Creek - Near the Kalamazoo Valley Museum Armory 1920 Austin Lake 1960 Ice boats on lake
Bank of Kalamazoo - See Story Below Birds Eye View 1913  facing south Bird's eye view of the Village of Kalamazoo
Borgess Hospital Borgess Hospital Parlor 1912 Borgess Hospital 1950
Broadcast House, WKZO TV, - See Info Below Bronson Hospital 1909 Bronson Hospital 1950'S
Bronson Park Bronson Park 1913 Bronson Park 1926
Bronson Park fountain 1930 Bronson Park 1960-  Art in the park  Bronson Park 1960's -  Clothesline art show
Bronson Park 1964  Bronson Park 2002 - Pioneer Fountain See Story Below Burdick Street 1907
Burdick Street 1908 Burdick Street 1909 Burdick Street - North 1910
Burdick Street - North 1949 - Note: the Uptown Theater and Hotel rickman Burdick Street Hotel Fire Camp Custer 1940's
Central Fire Station 1905 Central Fire Station 1909 Central Fire Station 1911 
Central Fire Station 1940 Central High, 1933  Chocolate Shop,  134 W. South St - 1950'sSee Story Below -
Circus Parade forming up, 1930s City Hall 1930 - See info below City Hall 1940's
City Hall interior, 2001 Civic Auditorium 1930's --  Also see the Civic Theater History Congregational Church, 1911
Congregational Church & Academy St.,  1920's County Building 1948 County Building 2002
County Fair Grounds Racetrack, 1920's Court House winter, early 1900's  Court House 1906
(2nd) County Court House , 1908 (2nd) County courthouse, on left, 1912 Davidson-McKee House on Stuart Avenue
Douglas Community Center, 1960s Downtown Kalamazoo 2004 Echo Valley Winter Sports Park, 1960s
Echo Valley Tobogganing, 1960s Elks Club, about 1905 Elks club 1909
Engine House "Back from the fire"  early 1900's Contributed by Janet Serio First Congregational Church Fourth Reformed Church
Greetings from Galesburg, 1951 Gull lake 1910 Gull lake 1912
Gull Lake Bible & Missionary Conference, 1968 Hanselman Building and Burdick Hotel, 1920 Institute of the Arts Courtyard, 1964
Institute of the Arts Courtyard, 1975 Kalamazoo Aerial View Kalamazoo Center 1980's
Kalamazoo High School 1910 Kalamazoo High School 1910 (BW) Kalamazoo Public Library 1908
Kalamazoo public library 1914 Kalamazoo Public Library 1960 Kalamazoo Public Library 2000
Kalamazoo Public Library stained glass - See Story Below Kalamazoo river 1900's between Kalamazoo and Battle Creek Kalamazoo river 1907 River Bend
Kalamazoo river 1908 At Galesburg Kalamazoo river 1908 River Bridge Kalamazoo river 1910 Moonlight on the river
Kalamazoo river 1911 On the beautiful Kalamazoo Kalamazoo River 1940's River Beauty Spot Kalamazoo Valley Museum Arcadia Creek
Kalamazoo Valley Museum 2004 - Stained Glass Window see story below Kalamazoo Valley Museum Stairwell displays Kalamazoo Valley Museum Stairwell displays
Ladies Library 1920 Ladies library 2002  Ladies Library Historical Marker
Lake Street School, 1910 Lovell Street- West, 1911 M. E. Church
Main - north, Early 1900's - 2nd Court House on the right  Main Street - East, 1920's Main Street - West, 1920's
Marlborough Apartment Building 1920's Martin 131 Dragway, 1960's Michigan Ave. - East 1928
Michigan Ave.- East 1950 Michigan Ave.- West 1950 Michigan Central RR Depot, 1915
Michigan Seminary, 1910 National Bank Building -1920 Nazareth Academy, 1908 East Driveway
Orrin B. Hayes Oldsmobile - 1940's Park American Hotel 1920'S #1 Park American Hotel 1920'S #2
Park Club, facing Bronson Park, 2002 - #1 Park Club, facing Bronson Park, 2002 - #2 - see the History of the Park Club:  http://parkclub.net/history.shtml Parsons Business College 1905
Parsons Business College 1910 People's (Unitarian-Universalist) Church Portage Street - South, 1905
Portage St. facing north to Main St. - 1915 Post Office, 1913 Power House ABT.1914 - #1
Power House ABT.1914 - #2 Rem Wall on his Green Valley Jamboree program, a staple of WKZO TV in the 1950's and 60's Roofs near Bronson Park cupola white
Roofs near Bronson Park - cupola green Seven Of Fourty Churches St. Luke's Episcopal Church
St. Luke's Episcopal Church 1910 St. Luke's Episcopal Church 1960 behind city hall St. Luke's Episcopal Church,  W. lovell st.
Transportation Center, 2004 - See Railroads, Interurbans and Transit History Third Christian Reformed Church Union School
Upjohn Company 1938 Upjohn Company 1960 Upjohn Company 1933
View from Kalamazoo National Bank Building - 1908 - See Description Below Vine Street School WKZO television and radio station (590)
West Lake 1916 Williams Street School, Kalamazoo, 1920's YMCA, 1913


 BAK- American National Bank: In 1934 the Bank of Kalamazoo Kalamazoo failed with the collapse of the banking system in the Great Depression.  It then became the  American National Bank Building.  It was designed in 1929 by a Chicago architectural firm, Weary & Alford who designed the First National Bank Building as well.
CH - see Corporation Hall /City Hall  for information about the first Kalamazoo City Hall. Also see the building that served as Corporation Hall when it became home to J. C. Penny 1925-56
FOUNTAIN OF THE PIONEERS in Bronson  park designed by Alfonso Iannelli of Chicago and built in 1939.  The statue was a subject controversy since it purports to represent the Native American removal to Iowa.  At the statue's 1940 unveiling, Iannelli said it depicted the "advance of the pioneers'' and the Indian was shown in "a posture of noble resistance, yet being absorbed as the white man advances.
 CS- Since 1917 our kitchens have been making hand- made chocolates, ice creams, and nuts of the highest quantity.  No preservatives are added to our chocolates.  We use our own secret recipes.  Caramel ice cream is our specialty!  We deliver daily and mail around the world - phone or write us -"  The Chocolate Shop was owned and operated by Charles Senne.  It was moved to the Mall in the 1960's.
kvm - stained glass window came from the home of Horace B. Peck.  His home, built in 1889 and located on South Rose Street at the site now occupied by the Kalamazoo Public Library, served as the  Kalamazoo Public Museum from 1927 until 1958. The window was removed when the house was demolished in 1959 for the Kalamazoo Public Library and Museum Building.  The window is now on display at the Kalamazoo Valley Museum.
kpl -Stained glass displayed at the entrance of the Kalamazoo Public Library Local History Room.  A plaque indicates it was saved from an earlier library building erected in 1893 and, donated to the current library by Ruth Chenery.  It had been  located over the main entrance, see 1908 picture below.   There was another stained glass over the interior doors, a Kalamazoo Valley Museum photograph of it can be seen at: http://www.kpl.gov/history/vfile/kvm/03_0376.jpg .  Also see the KPL stained glass page at http://kpl.gov/collections/LocalHistory/KPL/GlassTour/GlassPix.aspx
South Burdick Street - probably 1908, bird's eye view from the Kalamazoo National Bank Building constructed in 1907.  The building on the right with the flag is the old  Post Office on the corner South Burdick and South St .  Note the Bijou Theater on the left - it was in business for two years, 1906-1908,  as a vaudeville theater.
WKZO - Channel 3, and WKZO Radio, 590-AM, part of the Fetzer Broadcasting System, in the 1960's.  John Fetzer also owned the Detroit Tigers


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