Montcalm County
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    Area 1; Bloomer, Crystal, Evergreen & Bushnell Townships:
    Communities: Carson City, Butternut, Crystal, Sheridan, Vickeryville, Stanton (se)

  1. Louis & Florence BURNS family.

  2. Pauline Virginia CHAMBERS family of Vickeryville, MI

  3. William & Harriet COONCE of Crystal Township

  4. Nathaniel L. FERRIS family

  5. Charles EVERINGHAM & Clara GRAVES family of Butternut, Montcalm, MI

  6. Ralph & Priscella GETTS family of Montcalm, MI

  7. Walter GREENHOE (b.1892) family of Sheridan, Montcalm Co., MI

  8. Albert HANCOCK family of Entrican & Sheridan, MI

  9. Frederick J. LINDERMAN family of Montcalm, MI (extensive sources)

  10. William MORGAN & Gertrude BEEHLER family of Crystal, MI

  11. John Fremont SESSIONS family of Bushnell Township

  12. William SHERD family of Bushnell Township

  13. Josiah & Adiline STEARNS family of Evergreen Township.

  14. Wilbur & Sarah STEARNS family of Sheridan.

  15. Henry VICKERY (b.~1850) family of Montcalm County, MI

  16. Perry VICKERY & Clarissa CAVILL family of Bloomer Twp, Montcalm, MI

    Area 2; Fairplain, Eureka, Montcalm & Sidney Townships:
    Communities: Fenwick, Amsden, Greenville, Gowen, Sheridan (w), Sidney, Stanton (sw)

  17. Albert ALLEN family

  18. Nathaniel L. FERRIS family

  19. John PECK & Junnie HUTCHINSON family of Eureka Twp, Montcalm, MI

  20. Frederick J. LINDERMAN family of Montcalm, MI (extensive sources)

  21. Frances "Homer" MORRIS family of Fariplains Twp, Montcalm, MI

  22. Edward V. SVENDSEN family

    Area 3; Ferris, Richland, Home & Day Townships:
    Communities: Vestaburg, Cedar Lake, Edmore, McBrides, Westville, Wyman, Stanton (ne)

  23. Charles G. ALEXANDER family of Edmore, Montcalm Co., MI
    & associated names; WELCH, GALLAGHER, KELLOGG, PRATT, & COLE

  24. James William BENNETT family of Richland Twp.

  25. Elias CORDER family of Richland township, Montcalm Co., MI

  26. Dorothy MORSE family. (very little details)

  27. William PARR family of Ferris township, Montcalm Co., MI

  28. Abel & Emily RARICK family of Edmore, Montcalm Co., MI

    Area 4; Cato, Belvidere, Douglass & Pine Townships:
    Communities: Lakeview, Langston, Stanton (nw), Entrican, Six Lakes

  29. Clifford BURNS family of Belvidere township.

  30. Austin H. BUTLER family of Cato Township.

  31. William T. CLOSSON family of Stanton

  32. Basnett DELL & Chloe OSTRANDER family of Langston & Lakeview, Montcalm County, Michigan.

  33. David & Dora DRIER family of Douglas Twp, Montcalm, MI.

  34. Kaspar FEUERSTEIN family of Cato Township.

  35. William Henry JOHNSON family of Belvedere Township.

  36. James OSTRANDER & Vernie DURDLE family of Pine Twp, Lakeview, MI.

  37. William ROSE & Sarah ELMENDORPH family of Lakeview, Montcalm, MI.

    Area 5; Winfield, Reynolds, Pierson & Maple Valley Townships:
    Communities: Amble, Howard City, Coral, Pierson, Sand Lake, Trufant

  38. James MALE & Lena ADAMS family of Maple Valley Twp.

  39. Robert BUCHANAN & Emily BAKER family of Maple Valley Twp.

  40. Daniel K. LANNING & Mary BAKER family of Coral, MI

  41. Harriet Sophia MEDES family of Coral.

  42. Thomas F. NEWELL & Sarah Stewart family.

  43. Alfred W. SCOTT family of Howard City area

  44. Franklin B. SHAW family of Reynolds Twp, Montcalm

  45. George STEVENSON & Carrie OPPER family of Howard City, MI

  46. Ellsworth H. STRYKER family of Maple Valley, Montcalm (& Sheridan, & Cato Twp.)

  47. George H. TAYLOR & Grace REYNOLDS family of Maple Valley, Montcalm

  48. William H. WESTBROOK family of Howard City, Montcalm

    - Other area or Unknown township

  49. Katheryn STEVENSON & William John SEAY family

NOTE: Parts of the village of Sheridan are in Sidney Township (section 2 above),
The City of Stanton is in the middle of (section 1,2,3, & 4 above)

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