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Cornell Cemetery was compiled by the Cadillac Area Genealogical Society 30 Sep 1988 & published by Kinseeker Publications. Information obtained from township,  city, church, public & private cemetery headstones  & memories of those who shared.

 Cornell Cemetery is located East from Mesick on M-115 to M-37. Turn left (north) on M-37 to 4 Road 
(about 6 miles).  Turn left (west) on 4 Road. The cemetery is about 1 mile on the south side of the road, on the corner of 4 and 11 Roads

Rancour, Ephram
Rancour, Mamie M.
Rancour, Roberta
Randall, Baby Boy
Randall, Dolores M.
Randall, Effie Glee
Randall, George M.
Randall, Isaac Wilmont
Randall, Kate May
Randall, Leon Albert
Randall, Mrs.
Randall, Paulena
Randall, Phebe A.
Randall, Richard
Randall, William
Ransom, Asa
Ransom, Ed
Ransom, Ella Louise
Ransom, Emily O.
Ransom, Eugene H.
Ransom, Hiram Acie
Ransom, Ines I.
Ransom, Infant
Ransom, James W.
Ranson, Nina Almira
Ransom, Oscar J.
Ransom, Walter George
Ray, Infant
Ray, Linas D.
Ray, Sharah E.
Reactor, Donald James Sr.
Reams, Lucille R.
Reed, Baby
Reed, Jerry Allen
Rennells, Marcella Isabelle
Rennells, Vernie
Rennells, William Jasper
Retan, Rebecca Marlatt Retan
Richard, Francis
Richards, Carl Joshua
Richards, Clinton
Richards, Martha
Richardson, Wm.
Rickard, Cordelia
Rickard, F.A.
Rickard, Jesse
Riley, Alzina
Riley, Children-two
Riley, Emaline
Riley, Frank
Riley, George A.
Riley, May Belle
Riley, Minnie C.
Robinson, Carl
Robinson, Minnie
Rockwell, Almira
Rockwell, Infant Daughter
Rockwell, Infant Son
Roddy, Indant Daughter
Roddy, Harmon
Roddy, Lettie
Rodgers, Mrs.
Rogers, Children-two
Rogers, Ellen
Rogers, J.P.
Rogers, Mary J.
Rogers, Sarah C.
Rogers, Son of J. Rogers
Rohr, (Roher), Children-two
Rohr, (Roher), Mrs.
Rohr, Baby
Rohr, Joseph
Rohr, Mary Elizabeth
Roosevelt, Carlton L. Sr.
Roosevelt, Ruth E.
Root, Lution
Runyon, Alvin H.
Runyon, Baby
Runyon, Harry
Runyon, Janet L.
Runyon, Keith Allen
Runyon, Martha
Salsibury (Slack), Isabell
Salsibury or Saulsbury, John
Salois, Annie
Sayer (Syer), Infant
Scarbrough, George E.
Scott, Mr.
Scott, Thomas
Seamour (Seymour), Ira B.
Seamour, Mary Louise
Seeley, Child (Poss. Francis Seeley, 1913-1913
Seeley, John
Seeley, Mrs
Seymour, Twins
Shattuck, Lorenzo Philo
Shelswell, Mamie R.
Shepard, Marin
Shepard, Mildred Adella
Shepard, Wallace
Sherborn, Child of Frank Sherborn
Sherburne, Child of Frank Sherburne
Sheren, Evelyn A.
Sheren, Herbert C.
Sheriff, Child
Sheriff, Fred A.
Shutler, Clarence
Skinner, Emily M.
Slack, Baby
Slack, Bertha E.
Slack, Charles Leroy
Slack, Dallas M.
Slack, Grace Fern
Slack, Ida Aloira
Slack, Jeremiah Wesley
Slack, Jesse Edgar
Slater, Alma
Slater, Amos Adelbert
Slater, Children-four
Slater, Geroge F.
Slater, Herbert
Sleight, Alonzo
Smalley, Cassius
Smalley, Chloe Salisbury
Smally, Jennie Margalliza (nee Root)
Smally, Lewis Malacolm
Smalley, William Reuben
Smith, Carol Jean
Smith, Cassuis M.
Smith, Charles P.
Smith, Child (?J.)
Smith, Daughter-infant
Smith, Edgar Lacross
Smith, Grace
Smith, Grace A. Corning
Smith, Harriett E.
Smith, Harry
Smith, Henderson
Smith, Henry L.
Smith, Ida Lutitia
Smith, Infant
Smith, James
Smith, John A.
Smith, Julia
Smith, Katherine (Katie) Amy
Smith, Mary L.
Smith, Roy S.
Smith, Unknown
Southwick, Albert
Southwick, Bertha
Southwick, Children-two
Southwick, Elijah B.
Southwick, Mrs. E.B.
Southwick, Wilbre Eldridge
Spade or Spayde, Helen Royal
Spade, Children-two
Spade, William
Spangler, Charles Wayne
Spanger, Daughter
Spangler, Infant Twins
Spangler, Leroy
Spangler, Son
Spangler, Son
Spayde or Spade, Hanna Amanda
Spencer, John
Sprague, Bryan E. or Elmer Bryan
Sprague, Clara M.
Sprague, Clara M.
Sprague, Clifford E.
Sprague, Darothy or Dorotha May
Sprague, Edward Norton
Sprague, Fredereck Norton
Sprague, Frederick A. (?U)
Sprague, Mrs
Sprague, Rhoda Ann
Stack, Donna (E. Donna Liddle-daughter)
Stack, Dorr Edwin
Stack, Elon H.
Stack, Harold Arthur
Stack, Lucy Jane
Stack, Marie
Stack, Marie Gertrude
Stack, Martin
Stack, Mary Thressia
Stack, Nellie May
Stack, Patrick
Stack, Ralph
Stack, Sibyl L.
Stack, Verla Sharp
Stack, Victor Max
Stanford, Theodore M.
Stanley, John Adams
Stanley, Amy Elizabeth nee Wagoner
Stanley, William Robert
Stearns, Baby
Stearns, Frank
Stearns, Gertie M. (Gertrude)
Stearns, Leslie Earl
Stearns, Lillie Parker
Stearns, William
Stephens, Alvin Giles
Stephens, William E.
Stibbets (Stibits), Children-two
Stickney, Baby
Stickney, Cora Belle
Stickney, Dallas Edison
Stickney, Emma A.
Stickney, Florence A.
Stickney, Frank
Stickney, George E.
Stickney, Henry (child)
Stickney, Henry G.
Stickney, Henry Kirk
Stickney, Jacque D.
Stickney, Maude
Stickney, May Rose.
Stickney, Percey Clement
Stickney, Phyllis K.
Stickney, Thelma May
Stickney, Unknown
Stickney, Unknown
Stickney, Verdetta
Stickney, Veva
Stickbey, Virgil
Stickney, Wm. (Mrs)
Stiff, Erastus
Stiffle, Theodocia
Stiffle, Unknown
Stone, Rock
Strackangas, Children-two
Strackangas, Daniel Ward
Strackangas, Elmer
Strackangas, Ida May
Strackangas, J. Alfred
Streng, Arend J.
Streng, Mary E.
Strong, Cecil Alan or Cecil Clare
Struble, Eva E.
Struble, Harold J.
Struble, Robert
Sult, Ella (Elta) E.
Swainston, Alfred J.
Swan, Theodore
Sweet, Christina Marie
Tanner, Celia
Tanner, Luella M.
Tanner, Lugh (?Leigh). C.
Tanner, Miff (Milford) H.
Taylor, Charles
Taylor, Chas.
Taylor, J. (Mrs)
Taylor, Jimmie
Taylor, Lou (Louis)
Taylor, Martha
Teman, Unknown
Thomas, Warren C.
Thompson, Bruce A.
Thompson, Ila I.
Trowbridge, Richard Mark
Trowbridge, Wilson Richard (baby)
Trumball, Child
Trumball, E.
Tryon, Wymond
Ullmer, Amanda
Ullmer, Baby (Tim's?)
Ullmer, Jacob William
Ullmer, Ruth
Valleau, Almira Levina
Valleau, E. (Mrs)
Valleau, Fred
Valleau, George S.
Valleau, S.
Valleau, T. (may be M.T. or M.J.)
VanEpps, Robert
VanZant, Clifford W.
VanZant, Isabel C.
Vermeule, Ora M.
Vondrasek, Anna
Vondrasek, Frank T.
Vondrasek, Ludwig (Grandpa)
Vondrasek, Mrs.
Vondrasek, Terry Lee
Wagoner, Child
Walton, Harby (baby)
Walton, William
Walworth, Barbara Leigh
Walworth, Charles V.
Wart, A.B.
Wart, Albert J.
Wart, Alcala (Alcela)
Wart, Alf B.
Wart, Anna May
Wart, C.P.
Wart, Caleb
Wart, Child
Wart, Children-two
Wart, Children-two
Wart, Elvin E.
Wart, Francis A.
Wart, George
Wart, Hannah
Wart, James
Wart, Josephine
Wart, Lucy A.
Wart, Peter
Wart, Ralph
Wart, Sidney
Wart, Unknown
Wart, Willis
Wart, Wm.
Watson, Infant
Weaver, Edna E.
Weaver, Evan E.
Weaver, Harriette
Weaver, John Dallas
Weaver, Mary Leona
Weaver, Naomi Mae
Webster, (?) Children-two
Webster, Henry A.
Webster, Minnie Bell
Weese, Alfred Madison
Weese, Sybil Slater
Weller, LaVerne
Wheeler, Maude
Whipple, Baby
Whipple, Cecil Frank
Whipple, Lyman Frank
Whitney, Clark B.
Wieman, Edmund c.
Wieman, Felix E.
Wieman, Lillian
Williams, Baby
Williams, Children-two
Williams, Daughter
Williams, Erean W.
Williams, Maxine
Williams, Son
Williams, Thane
Wiltse, Ronald L.
Windmiller, Donna
Windmiller, Raymond O.
Wisner, Merritt
Wolfe, Pearl
Woodburn, Robert Stram
Woodmansie (Woodmonsee), R.B.
Woolaver, John J.
Woolaver, Leo
Wooster, Herbert O.
Wooster, Jenny A.
Wooster, Laura A.
Workman, Eliza Elizabeth
Wright, Daniel Alton
York, Child
York, Geo. B.
York, Jacob S.
York, Martha C.
York, Mattie Elsie
York, Mr.
Young, Dale L. (infant)
Young, Geraldine
Young, Lawrence L

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