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Index of Marriages in Cheboygan County

Volume I, 1869 - 1887

Volume II, 1887 - 1925

(LDS Microfilm No. 964409)

Transcribed by Pat Jahn

The Cheboygan County Marriage Records 1867-1925 are divided into two volumes. Both appear on the Latter Day Saints LDS Family History Center microfilm No. 964409.

Volume I Index includes the full names of the bride or groom, marriage date, and page number. It is alphabetized by surname. The microfilm includes the following additional information: place of marriage, color, residence of each at time of marriage, occupation of bridegroom, married by whom and witnesses.

Volume II Index includes the names of the bride and groom, their ages, date license was issued, page and record number. The list is alphabetized to include the surnames for groom, bride and maiden names if the bride was previously married. The microfilm includes the following additional information: race, residence, birthplace, occupation, father's name, mother's maiden name, times previously married, marriage date, place of marriage, married by whom and witnesses. You can view this microfilm by ordering it through any LDS Family History Center. The Cheboygan Michigan Public Library and the Cheboygan branch of the LDS Family History Center have copies in their files.

Important: The records were all handwritten and in many cases very difficult to read due to incidences of faded ink, microfilm quality, illegible script, etc. It is suggested that you look at all conceivable variations of the spelling of your ancestors' names. Some letters particularly caused problems - for instance was it a "u,"  "v,"  "w," "m," or "n? Also, it is to be noted that the recorder misspelled many names as well. Be particularly mindful of misspellings and abbreviations of given names: i.e. Wm., Jas., Jno., etc. What is listed in this index is what was seen since it is impossible to know whether a name was a misspelled or whether it was a deviation of the correct spelling.

My sincere appreciation to Mary Lou Raftery for her assistance in proofreading and helping to decipher and interpret the handwriting of these records.

Index to Marriages, Volume 1

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Index to Marriages, Volume 2

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