First Election in the Village of Morley
Magnet - November 24, 1870

October 13, 1870

INCORPORATED - The Village of Morley was incorporated by the Board of Supervisors on Monday last. This will give the people of that thriving place an opportunity to preserve better order than has been possibleheretofore, and must tend to the benefit of all.

The inhabitants of Morley are active, industrious and enterprising, one proof of which is the fact that they have commenced the erection of a new School HOuse, costing $1,500., to be completed ready for use the coming winter. The first Charter Election is to be held by Messrs. Lyman Nethaway, Geo. H. Ward and D. P. Hanson.

Jonathan Burtch, Esq., has been the most active of any of the Morley people, we understand on procusring the Charter for the village, and is entitled to a great deal of credit for pushing the matter to a successful termination, as there is no little labor connected with such an enterprise.

At the first election in the Village of Morley, the following persons were elected:

President - Johnathan Burtch

Trustees for Two Years - M. T. Nethaway, D. P. Hanson and Lars Oleson

Trustees for One Year - George H. Ward, James Hyde and H. P. Gile

Clerk - Charles Mc Arthur

Treasurer - Dr. M. S. Cory

Marshal - Smith Travis

Assessors - N. Capron and S. Burtch

Street Commissioners - J. L. Rowlin and M. Swanger

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