1884 Big Rapids City Directory

R. L. POLK & CO.'S

Big Rapids, the judicial seat of Mecosta County, is located on the Muskegon river, one of the most important lumbering streams in the State, and on the G. R. & I. R. R., at the junction of the B. R. br, of the C. & W. M. R. R., and the S. br. of the D. L. & N. R. R., 56 miles north of Grand Rapids, 98 northwest of Lansing and 185 northwest of Detroit. Thirty years ago the site of the present flourishing city of Big Rapids was an unbroken wilderness over which no human being, save the red man, ever passed, and for some years after its first settlement there was an Indian encampment within the present limits of Big Rapids. The honor of having founded the city is generally accorded to the French Bros. (Lera and George), who forced their way here through trackless wilds, and in 1856, feeling convinced from the natural advantages the place possessed, that it must ultimately become an important commercial centre, they located a permanent home here for themselves and their families.

Shortly afterwards, more settlers found their way here, and the first house was erected in 1860, by Lera French. In 1859, by an act of the Legislature, the village, which was then known as Leonard, was made the county seat of Mecosta county, the organization of which had just taken place. From this time the future prosperity of the town was assured and a postoffice was established here, new buildings were erected, and the population began to increase steadily. New stores and busines houses were opened and the place became known as Big Rapids, which name it has borne ever since. Lumber in its varius forms, is largely manufactured and exported, there being in operation here six saw-mills, a shingle mill, two sash, door and blind factories, a clapboard and shingle mill, a wagon factory, four planing mills, the largest picture backing manufactory in the world, and a large furniture factory. There are also here three foundries and machine shops, a wool carding mill, a tannery, a brewery and a flour mill. Many of the above mills and factories are operated by power obtained from the river. The religious advantages are excellent, and consist of nine churches, representing the following denominations: Baptist, Catholic, Congregational, Episcopal, German Lutheran, Swedish Lutheran, Methodist, Presbyterian and Unitarian. The city contains three banks: the Big Rapids National, the Northern National, and a private institution; a handsome opera house, a telephone exchange, a ladies' library association containing over 800 volumes, a good public school system, several good hotels, a number of special and general stores, and a thorough representation of the learned professions and the minor branches of commerce. A daily newspaper, The Pioneer, and three weekly papers, the Big Rapids Pioneer (Rep.), the Big Rapids Current (Rep.), and the Herald (Dem.), are published, and all are ably edited and popular sheets. The steady improvement and growth of the city are evidenced by the number of handsome brick blocks and private residences which have lately been erected, and even now the demand for offices and stores considerably exceeds the supply. In 1882 about a quarter of a million of dollars was expended in new factories, business blocks, residences and public improvements, while for 1883 the total improvements will reach the magnificent sum of $400,000. Among the buildings most worthy of mention may be given the opera house, the Fairman & Newton block, the Northern hotel, the public school buildings, the Hobart block, the Masonic Hall, the Northern Bank building, etc. The following express and telegraph companies have offices here: American and U. S. Express and Western Union Telegraph. It is both an American Express and a postal money order office.

The city is lighted with gas, has efficient police and fire departments, lodges of the various secret and benevolent societies, and is the location of the Mercy Hospital, presided over by the sisters of Mercy, and havng some 100 inmates.

The Holly system of water works is in use here.

Big Rapids is the receiving and distributing point for a large section of the surrounding country and its retail trade is very large.

Exclusive of its floating population the city now has 6,500 inhabitants, and everything indicates that Big Rapids is as yet only on the threshold of her greatness, and that in a few years she will rank as one of the most important cities in Michigan.


Adams, e. side from 1st ave. to G. R. & I. R. R., 2 n. of Maple.

Baldwin, e. side, from River to G. R. & I. R. R., continuation of Pere Marquette, 8 n. of Maple.

Barstow, from Yioga ave. to Vincent ave., 9 n of Bridge.

Bellevue, from River to Cemetery, 4 n. of Maple.

Blodgett, from north end of State to south end Tioga ave., parallel to River.

Bridge, from Osceola to Sheridan, 6 n of Maple.

Bronson ave., e side from E. Maple to south line sec. 11, 4 e. of G.R.&I.R.R.

Brown, from Tioga ave. to Vincent ave., 7 n. of Bridge.

Cedar, from River to State, 6 s of Maple.

Cherry ave., from River to Cedar, 7 e. of Michigan ave.

Chestnut, from River to State, 5 s. of Maple.

Clark, from Woodward ave. to Perry ave., 2 w. of Michigan ave.

Dekraft ave., e. side, from E. Maple to south line sec. 11, 1 e. of G. R. &I. R.R.

Division, from Mill to Perry ave., 3 w. of Michigan ave.

East Elm, e. side, from Dekraft ave. to east line sec. 11, 1 s. of E. Maple.

East Linden, e. side, from Dekraft ave. to east line sec. 11, 2 s. of E. Maple.

East Maple, e. side, from Dekraft ave. to east line sec. 11, continuation of Maple.

Elm, from Muskegon River to State, 1 s. of Maple.

Escott, from Woodward ave. to Fuller ave., 6 w. of Michigan ave.

Farnsworth, from Pere Marquette to Bridge, 5 w. of Michigan ave.

Finley ave., from Hemlock 2 blocks s 4 w. of Michigan ave.

First ave. e. side, from Jefferson to Maple, 4 w. of G. R. & I.R.R.

Fourth ave., e. side, from Baldwin to Maple, 1 w. of G. R. & I. R.R.

Fremont, from Waterloo to Bellevue, 4 w. of Michigan ave.

Fuller ave., from State to Escott, 6 s. of Maple.

Gilbertson ave., e. side, from E. Maple to south line sec. 11, 2 e. of G.R. & I. R.R.
Grand Traverse, from River to Farnsworth, 5 n. of Maple.

Grant, from Pere Marquette to Bridge, 6 w. of Michigan ave.

Green, from Woodward ave. to Fuller ave., 4 w. of Michigan ave.

Harrison, e. side, from Race to G.R.&I.R.R., 7 n. of Maple.

Hemlock, from River to Finley ave., 3 n. of Maple.

Hutchinson, from C. & W. M. R.R. to Fuller ave., 5 w. of Michigan ave.

Ives ave., from Maple to Cedar, 3 e. of Michigan ave.

Jackson, e. side from River to G. R. & I. R.R., 6 n. of Maple.

Lilac ave., from River to Cedar, 8 e. of Michigan ave.

Linden, from Muskegon River to State, 2 s. of Maple.

Locust, from River to State, 3 s. of Maple.

Madison, e. side, from River to G.R.&I.R.R., 4 n. of Maple.

Maple, from G. R. & I. R.R., to State, principal e. and w. street.

Marion ave., from Blodgett to Spruce, 2 w. of Michigan ave.

Mecosta ave., from Linden to Cedar, 5 e. of Michigan ave.

Michigan ave., from Grand Traverse to Cedar, the main street of city.

Mill, from State to Division, 1 s. of Maple.

Monroe, e. side, from River to 4th ave., 5 n. of Michigan ave.

Morrison ave., from State to Division, 7 s. of Maple.

Newark, from West ave., to Vincent ave., 2 w. of Tioga ave.

Oak, from River to State, 4 s. of Maple.

Osceola, from Grand Traverse to Waterloo, continuation of Michigan ave.

Owego, from West ave, to Vincent ave., 1 w. of Tioga ave.

Pemberton ave., e. side, from E. Maple to s. line sec. 11, 3 c. of G.R.&I.R.R.

Pere Marquette, from River to Sheridan, 2 n. of Bridge.

Perry ave., from State to Division, 9 s. of Maple.

Pine, from River to Monroe ave., 2 n. of Maple.

Platt, from Tioga ave. to Vincent ave., 8 n. of Bridge.

Poplar, e. side, from Race to 4th ave., 9 n. of Maple.

River, from Grand Traverse to Cedar, 1 from river e. of Michigan ave.

Race, e. side from Baldwin to Harrison, 2 w. of G.R. & I. R.R.

Rose ave., from Blodgett to Spruce, 3 w. of Michigan ave.

Rust ave, from State to Sheridan, 2 s. of Maple.

Sanborn ave., from State to Sheridan, 3 s. of Maple.

Second ave., e. side, from Monroe to Maple, 3 w. of G.R. & I. R.R.

Sheridan ave., from Pere Marquette to Bridge, 8 w. of Michigan ave.

Sherman, from Pere Marquette to Bridge, 7 w. of Michigan ave.

Spring, from State to Escott, 5 s. of Maple.

Spruce, from River to Michigan ave., and from State to Rose ave., 1 n. of Maple.

State, from Blodgett to Cedar, 1 w. of Michigan ave.

Stewart ave., from Spruce to Cedar, 2 e. of Michigan ave.

Third ave., e. side, from Harrison to Maple, 2 w. G.R. & I. R.R.

Todd, from Tioga ave. to West ave., 6 n. of Bridge.

Vincent ave., from West ave., to n. end of Tioga ave.

Warren ave., from Grand Traverse to Cedar, 1 e. of Michigan ave.

Washington ave., e. side, from 1st ave, to 4th ave., 1 n. of Maple

Waterloo, from Osceola to Sheridan ave., 1 n. of Bridge

West ave., from intersection of Blodgett and Tioga ave., thence running w., 5 n. of Bridge.

Williams, from State to Rose ave., 3 n. of Bridge.

Williams ave., from State to Division, 8 s. of Maple.

Willow ave., from River to Cedar, 6 e. of Michigan ave.

Winter ave., from Elm to Cedar, 4 e. of Michigan ave.

Woodward ave., from State to Sheridan, 4 s. of Maple.


Armory Hall, e. s. Michigan ave., bet. Henlock and Pine.

County Jail, n. w. cor. Stewart ave, and Linden.

County Offices, s. E. cor. Elm and Michigan ave.

Fairman & Newton Block, cor. Michigan ave. and Maple.

Furniture BUilding, cor. Michigan ave. and Elm.

Hobart Block, w. S. Michigan ave., bet. Maple and Elm.

Masonic Hall, Northern National Bank Block.

Northern National Bank Block, n. w. cor. Michigan ave. and Maple.

Northern Hotel Block, cor. State and Maple.

Opera House Block, n. e. cor. Michigan ave. and Elm.

Pacific House Block, s. e. cor. Maple and Michigan ave.

Roof Block, w. s. Michigan ave., bet. Maple and Sprice.

Smith Block, w. s. Michigan ave., bet, Maple and Elm.

Stickney-Morrissey Block, w. s. Michigan ave., bet. Maple and Elm.

Telfer Block, s. w. cor. Michigan ave. and Sprice.

Telfer's New Block, cor. Michigan ave. and Pine.

Water Works, s. s. Maple, at Muskegon River.


Mayor - Stephen Bronson
Recorder - John T. Clark
Treasurer - Stephen R. Crandell
School Inspector - Byron A. Webster
Marshal - George W. Jones
Street Commissioner - Samuel Brigham
Supt. of Water Works - G. W. Fairfield
City Attorney - Fred A. Mann
Police Justice - Thomas Lazell
City Physician - Dr. I. W. Badger
Supt. of Cemetery - Dr. W. S. Gray
Surveyor - Harry I. Orwig


1st Ward - G. W. Green, W. W. Smith
2nd Ward - John M. Crocker, Oscar E. Mann
3rd Ward - Allen E. Williams, S. B. St. Clair
4th Ward - James Aitken, W. S. Gray
5th Ward - Eugene Vliet, James Shields


Streets - Aitken, Crocker and Shields
Accounts - Smith, St. Clair and Vliet
Fire Department - Crocker, Vliet and Green Sewers - Williams, Aitken and Vliet
Ways and Means - Gray, Mann, Willliams, Green and Shields
Ordinances - Mann, Aitken and Smith
Water Works - Shields, Gray and St. Clair
Printing - St. Clair, Williams and Green


Chief Engineer - Ed. W. Ford
First Assistant - John Greenfield
Second Assistant - Frank Smith
Secretary - S. G. Webster

Protection Hose Company No. 1, First Ward, City Hall, John Cooper, foreman

Defiance Hose Company No. 2, Third Ward Hose House, Daniel Lidell, foreman

Alert Hose Company No. 3, Second Ward Hose House, S. G. Webster, foreman

Young Alerts Hose Company No. 4, Second Ward Hose House, Fred Wakefield, foreman

Pioneer Hook and Ladder Company No. 1, First Ward Hose House, Lyman Rodman, foreman

Water Works, w end of Lower Bridge, G. W. Fairfield, Supt.


Big Rapids National - E s. Michigan ave., 5 n. Maple. Incorporated May 1st, 1883. Capital. $100,000. D. F. Comstock, Pres.; W. W. Smith, Vice-Pres.; C. W. Comstock, Cashier.

Northern National - Northwest cor. Michigan ave. and Maple. Incorporated 1871. Capital, $150,000. Surplus, $30,000. George F. Stearns, Pres.; Charles H. Wagener, Vice-Pres.' L. S. Baker, Cashier.

Fairman & Newton - Cor. Michigan ave. and Maple.



Baptist Church - S. w. cor. Stewart ave. and Elm. Rev. H. A. Rose, pastor. Res., n. e. cor. Clark and Spring.


St. Mary's Catholic Church - N. w. cor. Marion ave. and William. Rev. H. W. Grimme, Priest. Res. opp. church.


Congregational Church - N. w. cor. Hemlock and State. Rev. Wm. McCracken, pastor. Res., cor. Bridge and Fremont.


St. Andrew's Episcopal Church - N. e. cor. State and Locust. No rector.


German Lutheran Church - Cor. Rose ave. and Bellevue. No pastor.

Swedish Lutheran Church - Cor. Third ave. and Jackson. No pastor.


Methodist Episcopal Church - S. e. corn. Warren ave. and Elm. Rev. J. W. Hallenbeck, pastor. Res., n. s. Locust, 1 e. of State.


Presbyterian Church - S. w. cor. State and Mill. Rev. E. C. Winslow, pastor. Res., Stewart ave.


Unitarian Church - E. s. Warren ave., nr. Spruce. Erected 1883. Rev. E. J. Kittredge (Muskegon), officiating clergyman.



President - Wm. Van Loo
Treasurer - Stephen Bronson
Clerk - W. A. Whitney


First Ward - W. A. Whitney, Lewis G. Palmer
Second Ward - Stephen Bronson, Jonathan Milner
Third Ward - A. W. Bennett, J. H. Foster
Fourth Ward - Wm. Van Loo, A. S. Hobart
Fifth Ward - Nicholas Drew, F. B. Jackson


Teachers - Palmer, Bennett, Drew, Hobart and Bronson
Schools - Whitney, Milner and Jackson
Text Books and Apparatus - Hobart, Palmer and Bronson
Library - Bennett, Jackson and Hobart
Ways and Means - Foster, Palmer and Whitney
Claims and Accounts - Drew, Milner and Bronson
Buildings - Milner, Drew and Foster
Supplies - Jackson, Whitney and Bennett


Superintendent - John S. Crombie
Preceptress - Mrs. Anna Pease
Assistant Preceptress - Miss Prill V. Boyce
Teachers: Grammar School - Miss Gertrude L. Bingham, Miss Fannie Forester
Sixth Grade - Miss Delia Chittenden
Fifth Grade - Miss C. E. Hulsart
Fourth Grade - Mrs. Flora Lincoln, Miss Nettie Peters, Miss A. Lamb
third Grade - Miss Allie Hay, Miss Abbie Brown
First and Second Grades - Miss Ida Hoag, Miss Hattie Place, Miss Lottie Price, Miss Etta Smart, Miss Maria B. Palmer.


Judeg of Probate - Wm. Ladner
Sheriff - Eli Frederick
Clerk - Lewis Toan
Treasurer - Simon G. Webster
Prosecuting Attorney - Frank Dumon
Register of Deeds - David W. Stewart
Circuit Court Judge - Ceylon C. Fuller
Circuit Court Commissioner - Churchill H. Thrall
Surveyor - Harry I. Orwig
Coroners - Thomas Shaw, D. C. Fuller
Under Sheriff - O. E. Mann


Twenty-seventh Judicial Circuit - Hon. Ceylon C. Fuller - judge
Regular Terms of Court - First Tuesday of February, May, September and December.


Superintendents - Wm. T. Jones, Morley; J. F. Clark, Big Rapids; J. V. Armstrong, Chippewa

Keeper - John East


Aetna - John Pierdon, Morley
Austin - John Potter - Stanwood


1st Ward - O. D. Glidden
2nd Ward - Thomas Skelton
3rd Ward - T. J. Sharp
4th Ward - J. T. Escott
5th Ward - C. F. Mynning

Chippewa - Henry Hammond, Evart
Colfax - E. A. Straub, Rodney
Deerfield - M. T. Nethaway, Morley
Fork - Wm. Creery, Sherman City
Grant - L. F. Corey, Hersey
Green - W. D. Hopkinson, Paris
Hinton - Andrew Breaky, Sylvester
Mecosta - W. S. Tucker, Stanwood
Millbrook - D. C. Fuller, Millbrook
Morton - Isaac W. Ferris, Mecosta
Martiny - John Porden, Rodney
Sheridan - John A. Marlkle, Sherman City
Wheatland - Osaac Wambold, Remus


Mercy Hospital - West of Rose ave. bet. Pere Marquette and William sts. Organized February, 1878, under the direction of the Sisters of Mercy. Supported by subscription. Capacity, 100 patients.


BUSINESS MENS' ASSOCIATION OF BIG RAPIDS - Organized Oct. 26, 1883, for the purpose of promoting the general interests of the city. M. P. Gale, Pres.; 1st Vice-Pres., F. Fairman; 2nd Vice-Pres.. G. F. Stearns; 3rd Vice-Pres., W. S. Gray; 4th Vice-Pres., Geo. A. Roof; 5th Vice=Pres., C. M. Darrah; 6th Vice-Pres., S. S. Wilcox; Sec., W. P. Nisbett; Treas., W. W. Smith; Executive Board, S. H. Gray, J. M. Crocker, D. F. Glidden, M. M. Cole, S. L. Newton, E. G. Haney.

BRAZEE RIFLES - B. Frank Brazee, Capt.; Caniel C. Alcombrack, 1st Lieut.; Chas. M. Wiseman, 2d Lieut.; B. F. Brazee, Pres.; L. T. Loveless, Sec., T. J. Torrence, Treas.

LADIES' CEMETERY ASSOCIATION OF BIG RAPIDS - Mrs. L. C. Lincoln, Pres.; Mrs. S. H. Kilbourne and Mrs. A. W. Eldredge, Vice-Prests.; Mrs. Wm. Van Loo, Sec.; Mrs. J. W. Fuller, Treas.

CHAUTAUQUA LITERARY AND SCIENTIFIC CIRCLE - Rev. J. W. Hallenbeck, Pres.; Mrs. Addie Sprague, Sec.

W. C. T. U. - Meets Stickney Block on Friday afternoons. Mrs. C. J. Hood, Sec.


Big Rapids Current (Rep) - Weekly. V. W. Bruce, Editor and proprietor; Smith Block; published Wednesdays; $1.50 per annum.

Big Rapids Pioneer (Rep) - Daily and Weekly. Gay & Barrows, proprietors; Maple, under postoffice; daily, $4 a year; weekly issued Thursdays; $1.50 a year.

The Herald (Dem) - Weekly. W. P. Nisbett, proprietor; Issued Fridays; Fairman & Newton Block, Maple.


Chicago & West Michigan Railway. - From LaCRosse, Ind., to Grand Rapids, 153 miles, with branches from Holland to Pentwater, 80 miles; from Muskegon to Big Rapids, 55 miles; from Grand Rapids to White Cloud, 47 miles; from White Cloud to West Troy, 16 miles; from Mears to Hart, 4 miles. General offices, Muskegon, Mich. Geo. C. Kimball, Vice-Pres. and General Manager; A. M. Nichols, General Freight and Passenger Agent. Big Rapids Depot east side State street, between Pine and Hemlock streets. John Supple, Agent.

Detroit, Lansing & Northern Railroad. - General Offices, Detroit. Detroit to Howard City, 160 miles. Branch from Stanton Junction to Big Rapids, 64 miles. President, Alpheus Hardy, Boston, Mass.; General Manager, J. B. Mulliken, Detroit; General Freight and Passenger Agent, W. A. Carpenter, Detroit. Depot north side Maple street, near Second ave. John Loudon, Agent.

Grand Rapids & Indiana - From Mackinaw, Mich., to Richmond, Ind., 455 miles; thence by C. H. & D. R. R. to Cincinnati, 71 miles. General offices, Grand Rapids, Mich. W. O. HUgart, Pres.; W. R. Shelby, Vice-Pres. and Treas.; J. H. P. Hugart, Sec. and Paymaster; J.M. Metheany, Seipt. Northern Division; P. S. O'Rourke, Supt, Southern Division; F. A. Gorham, Auditor; A. B. Leet, Fen. Freight and Passenger Agent. Land Department - W. O. Hughart, Commissioner. Big Rapids Depot Maple street, east of Fourth ave. R. B. Hughes, Agent.



Big Rapids Lodge, No. 171. - Chartered January 11, 1866. Regular communications the first Thursday evening in each month at Masonic Hall, Northern National Bank Block. Alfred S. Mason, W. M.; Edgar W. Ford, S. W.; Peter McNaughton, J. W.; George F. Stearns, Treas.; Alonzo W. Eldredge, Sec.; C. H. Olds, S. D.; Thomas Shaw, Sr., J.D.; George F. Whitney, Tiler.

Big Rapids Chapter, No. 52 - Regular convocations at Masonic Hall, first Wednesday evenings of each month. Charlie Gay, H.P.; H. E. Hardy, K.; J. H. Foster, Scribe; A. W. Eldredge, Sec.; G. F. Stearns, Treas.; S. G. Webster, C. of H.; W. F. Louckes, R. A. C.; Peter McNaughton, M. ast V; Hiram Honeywell, M. 2nd V.; A. S. Maon, M. 3rd V.; G. F. Whitney, Sen.

King Solomon Counceil, No. 25 - Regular meetings first Tuesday evening in each month. Charlie Gay, T.I.M.; Peter McNaughton, D.M.; B. E. Hutchinson, P.C.W.; G. F. Stearns, Treas.; C. D. Bronson, Rec.; C. C. Fuller, C.; H. Honeywell, C. of G.; J. W. Fearns, Steward; G. F. Whitney, Sen.

Pilgrim Commandery, No. 23 - Regular conclaves first Friday evening in each month. S. G. Webster, E.C.; C. C. Fuller, Gen.; E. G. Hudnut, C. G.; C. W. Nottingham, Prel.; Charley Gay, REc.; G. F. Stearns, Treas.; A. S. Mason, S. W.; Peter McNaughton, J.W.; H. E. Hardy, St. B; J. H, Foster, Sw'd B.; W.M. Slosson, Warder; G. F. Whitney, Sen.

I. O. OF I. F.

Big Rapids Lodge, No. 111. - Meets at their hall every Monday night. L. T. Loveless, N.G.; James Allen, V.G.; M.V. Taylor, Sec.; N. H. Beebe, P.S.; Wm. Gay, Treas.

Big Rapids Encampment, No. 55. - Meets at their hall the second and fourth Wednesdays of each month. James Allen, C.P.; E. E. Stone, H.P.; Wm. Engle, S. W.; John Wiseman, J.W.; Christopher Preysz, Scribe; M. V. Taylor, Treas.


D. F. Glidde, Grand Chancellor of Michigan.

Mecosta Lodge, No. 26. - Meet in their hall over City Drug Store every Tuesday evening. C. D. Carpenter, P.C.; J. R. Snyder, C.C.; C.D. Crandall, V.C.; E. P. Clark, Prelate; F. R. Fowler, M of E.; O. D. Glidden, K of R. and S.; G. D. Miles, Mat. A.; A. W. Withington, I.G.

Big Rapids Division, No, 11, U.R. - F. R. Fowler, sir Kt. C.; D. F. Glidden, Sir Kt. L.C.; C. H. Milner, Sir Kt. H; W.A.D. Rose, Sir Kt. R.; John R. Snyder, Sir Kt. T.; S. G. Webster, Sir Kt. G.; E. W. HUdnutt, Sir Kt. S. Regular meetings second MOnday of each month in Knights of Pythias Hall.

G. A. R.

French Post, No. 28, Department of Michigan. - Meets every Wednesday at their hall in Morrissey's Block. B. F. Brazee, P. C.; John Schort, S. V. P. C.; Harry Albro, J.V.P.C.; Michael Morrossey, Adjutant; Adolph Campau, Quartermaster; W. A. Whitney, surgeon; Thomas Shaw Sr., Chaplain; Daniel Alcombrack, Officer of the Day; Edward CArolan, Officer of the Guard.

Grand Army Park Association, organized 1883. - B. F. Brazee, Pres.; R. B. Hughes, Sec.; Michael Morrissey, Treas. Grounds at Chippewa Lake on D.L.&N.R.R.


Pine Tree Lodge, No. 763. - Organized Sept. 19, 1877. F. Fairman, Dic.; J.F. Clark, Rep. Meetings held second and fourth Wednesdays of every month.

A. O. U. W.

Lodge No. 83. - Organized Jan. 12, 1881. Meet at their hall on Maple street second and fourth Tuesdays of every month. W. W. Putnam, M.W.; S. G. Webster, Recorder; F. Fairman, Rec.; W. F. Louckes, Financier.


Big Rapids Council, No. 174. - Meets first and third Wednesday evenings of each month at their hall over Wagener's Drug Store. L. C. Patterson, Reg.; E. R. Keith, Sec.; G. A. Roof, Collector; John Watson, Treas.

I. O. G. T.

Big Rapids Lodge, No. 231. - Meets Friday evening at their hall over Wagener's Drug Store. G. R. Malone, Deputy.


Big Rapids Council, No. 30. - Meets in the Odd Fellow's hall 15th of each month. E. E. Stone, Councellor; E. O. Gray, Vice-Councellor.

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