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Forest Home

Greenville, Montcalm County, Michigan.

Mrs. Betty Spooner first copied the cemetery in July of 1974.
Deaths after that date were copied in September of 1995 by Judy Hardy, Marnie Riley and Jeri Witzel.

Friends of Forest Home Cemetery

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Forest Home Soldiers


  Lurendus B. 1830-1908 sec JL (last name could be Conant)
Carrie Dur_hy d. 25 May 1907 ae 53 yrs sec 6
_______1873-1903 sec 4 and mother ________
Addie aged 36 yrs (stone buried & uncovered but it will be soon be buried again) sec 6 beside electric pole
Arabelle F________ sec 34
Arnie S.________sec 8
Austin 1913-1917 sec JL (don’t know if this is first or last name)
Bailie 1872-1897 & Myrtie E., w/o Hugh M., sec 16
Baby, no other name or dates sec 18 ½
Sister Bertha Davis 1872-1943 sec JL & sister Emma 1858-1905 (? Last name)
Betty, no other names or dates sec JL
Bryan d. 20 May 1870 sec 34
Emma E., d/o B_ & EA sec 34
Catharine C. ________sec 34
Charlie, s/o ______ sec 34
George CR________ sec 34
Cynthia________ 15 Jan 1865 ae 43_______sec 34
Eddie, d/o EF & EM, sec 34
Frank Edward, s/o _____ sec 34
Hiram H., s/o _______ sec 34
Ellsworth 4 yrs sec 6 ½ (unsure if this is first or last name)
L.L. no other names or dates sec JL
Lucina G.S. no other names or dates sec 8
Maggie E., d/o ____ no other names or dates sec 27
Melvin _________sec 12
Mesher C., s/o ____ d. 4 Sep 1879 ae 1/0/27 sec 6
Mier, no other names or dates sec 29
Robert 1935 sec 34
Violet 1931-1935 sec 34
Thelma ________ sec 12 ½
Frankie no other names or dates sec 6

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