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Cemeteries of Montcalm County

This page contains the names and locations of cemeteries in Montcalm County. We are still missing transcriptions for Indian and Robbins Family Cemeteries.  If you have any information to share about these cemeteries we would be grateful.

From time to time emails have been received from visitors who have visited graves listed in these transcriptions, taken photos of headstones and verified information through family documents.  Corrections have been made to the information contained in these transcriptions based on what they have sent.  So if you have an original transcription or are relying on another source of information this is something to keep in mind.  As far as we know there is no other record of these types of corrections except in these cemetery listings.  If you have corrections to any of the information please send it to me.  It's valuable to other researchers and for an accurate history.

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Most of the transcriptions available here were made possible by Betty Spooner and a group of others who transcribed the county cemeteries during the 1970's. There were some updates during the 1990's and following that by submissions.

More recent graves might be found at the above websites.

Obituary for Betty Spooner

Mary Elizabeth Klaasse Spooner, age 90, of Fort Oglethorpe, GA and formerly Michigan, passed away on Monday February 13, 2017 at Pruitt Health in Fort Oglethorpe, Georgia.  Mrs. Spooner was a graduate of the Wyandotte High School.  Surviving are her son Floyd E. Spooner, Jr. of Fort Oglethorpe, GA; brother Frank (Nancy) Klaasse of Trenton, GA and by several nieces and nephews.  She as preceded in death by her husband Floyd E. Spooner, Sr. on August 26, 2001.  Mary was cremated in Georgia.  She will be interred in Oak Hill Cemetery, Grand Rapids.

Amble Cemetery
Bailey Road, Howard City, Section 17, Winfield Twp.

Amish Greenville Church District Cemetery
757 N. Backus Rd., Stanton

Bloomer Cemetery

Minor Rd., Carson City, Section 22, Bloomer Twp.

Burke Cemetery

Bollinger Rd., Crystal, Section 34, Crystal Twp.

Carson City Cemetery

N. Williams St., Carson City, Section 12, Bloomer Twp.

Cannonsville Road, Section 22, Maple Valley Twp., Montcalm County, Michigan
No longer used
Where the town once was ~ It is on a dirt track behind a grove of trees

3 tenths of a mile south of Coral Road on Amble Rd. in Section 10

Cato Cemetery

Gates Rd., Lakeview, Section 22, Cato Twp.

Cedar Lake Cemetery

Cedar Lake Rd., Cedar Lake, Section 25, Home Twp.

Clear Lake Cemetery

Brown Rd., Fenwick, Section 36, Fairplains Twp.

Coral Cemetery
16250 W. Kendaville Rd.(County Rd. 530), Coral, Section 5, Maple Valley Twp.

Crystal Cemetery
Crystal Rd. (County Rd. 565) & Holland Lake Rd., Crystal, Section 29, Crystal Twp.
2/3/2001 ~ Submitted by Judy Hardy

Dalton Cemetery
Crystal Road, Carson City, Section 33, Bloomer Twp.
No longer active

Dickerson Cemetery
See Witsell Cemetery

East Montcalm Cemetery
North M-91, Greenville, Section 27, Montcalm Twp.

East Washington Cemetery
E. Washington St. (M-57), Greenville, Section 15, Eureka Twp.
Moved to West Washington Cemetery
Subsequently moved to Forest Home Cemetery

Entrican Cemetery
Grow Rd.(County Rd. 585), Entrican, Section 9, Douglas Twp.
Also known as Hillside Cemetery

Eureka Cemetery

Jordan Rd. off M-91 - Greenville, Section 4, Eureka Twp.

Evergreen Cemetery

Derby Rd., Six Lakes, Section 27, Belvidere Twp.
No longer used

Evergreen Cemetery

Muskrat Rd., Sheridan, Section 32, Evergreen Twp.
also see: Evergreen Cemetery

Fairplain Cemetery
Miller Rd, South of M-57, Greenville

Ferris Center Cemetery

Crystal Rd., Vestaburg, Ferris Twp.

orest Hill Cemetery
Forest Hill St., Stanton, Section 1, Sidney Twp.
April 4, 2010 ~ Submitted by Judy Hardy & Katie Arwood

Forest Home Cemetery
402 Manoka Lake Drive, Greenville, Section 16, Eureka Twp.

 Friends of Forest Home Cemetery

Hillcrest Cemetery

Lake Rd. (North M-66), Six Lakes, Section 9, Belvidere Twp.

Hillside Cemetery
See Entrican Cemetery

Indian Cemetery
Crystal Township ~ abandoned
If you have any information regarding this cemetery,
Please E-mail the Montcalm County Coordinator.

Kleese Cemetery

Klees Rd., Crystal, Section 36, Ferris Twp.

Lakeview Cemetery
North Street, Lakeview, Section 9, Cato Twp.

Langston Cemetery
See Riverside Cemetery

Little Denmark Cemetery
Johnson Rd. (County Rd. 595),Gowen, Section 7, Montcalm Twp.
Across from Brookside Golf Course

Maple Ridge Cemetery
See Vickeryville Cemetery

Maple Valley Cemetery
Lake Rd., Coral, Maple Valley Twp ~ Catholic
See Catholic Cemetery

Mabie ~ Sunny Hill Cemetery
Castle Rd., Fenwick, Section 34, Bushnell Twp.

McBride Cemetery

McBride Rd. (County Rd. 530), McBride, Section 16, Day Twp.

Monroe Cemetery
Originally 2 separate cemeteries:
1)  Little Settlement Cemetery or St. Petri Cemetery
2)  Bethania Cemetery
Monroe Rd. off Holland Lake Rd., Greenville
Section 28, Montcalm Twp.

Montcalm County PoorFarm
See Potter's Field Cemetery

North Sidney Cemetery

Also, check out:
N.Sidney Church & Cemetery Historical Assoc.
Grow Rd., Sidney, Section 8, Sidney Twp.

Old Home Cemetery

Neff Rd., Edmore, Home Twp.

Palmer Cemetery

Peoples Rd., McBride, Section 8, Day Twp.

Pierson Cemetery
Cannonsville Rd., Section 15, Pierson Twp.

Potter's Field
County Farm Rd. (County Rd. 506), Greenville, Section 5, Fairplains Twp.
Also known as Montcalm County Poor Farm

Reynolds Township Cemetery
Almay Rd. (off Federal Road), Howard City, Section 23 & 26, Reynolds Twp.

New Updated List - 2012
Contributed by Tina Porzondek - Reynolds Township Clerk

Richland Township Cemetery
6605 N Crystal Rd. (County Rd. 556), Vestaburg, Section 33, Richland Twp.
Also known as Vestaburg Cemetery

Riverside Cemetery
M91, Langston, Section 26, Pine Twp.
Also known as Langston Cemetery
Sexton~Richard Shindorf (989)352-7129
Nice map on board showing burials!

Robbins Family Cemetery
South of Stanton

Located on the homestead of Russell S. ROBBINS.  Twin daughters b. 1868, one died 1868, the other 1870, were buried on the homestead south of Stanton.  Another possible burial there was daughter Ella, b. and d. 1871.  Possibly other members of the family were buried there as well, including Russell S. Robbins who died after1885 and his wife, Adeline Priscilla Stillwell who died June 9, 1896.

Sheridan Cemetery

622 E. Condensary Rd.(County Rd. 506), Sheridan
Section 6, Bushnell Twp.

Sidney Township Cemetery

Sidney Rd. (County Rd. 510), Sidney
Section 16, Sidney Twp.

South Sidney Cemetery
Muskrat Rd., Sidney, Section 31, Sidney Township

Spencer Cemetery
Mt. Hope Road S. (County Rd. 555), Crystal, - Section 2, Crystal Twp.

St. Charles Catholic Cemetery
Harlow Rd., Greenville, Section 8, Eureka Twp.

St. Mary's (Maryknoll)
N. Williams St., Carson City, Section 12, Bloomer Twp.

Sunny Hill
Go to Mabie/Sunny Hill Cemetery.

Trufant Cemetery
14037 W. Stanton Rd. (County Rd. 522), Trufant
Section 34, Maple Valley Twp.

Vestaburg Cemetery
See Richland Twp. Cemetery

Veteran's Park Cemetery
See Forest Home Cemetery

Vickeryville Cemetery
Sessions Rd., Vickeryville, Section 11, Bushnell Twp.
Also known as Maple Ridge Cemetery

Vinewood Cemetery

Wyman Rd. (County Rd. 571), Edmore
Section 28, Home Twp.

West Montcalm Cemetery
Johnson Rd. (County Rd. 595) off Wise Rd., Greenville
Section 31, Montcalm Twp.
Also known as Wolverton Plains

West Pine Cemetery
Gravel Ridge Rd. (County Rd. 595), Lakeview
Section 7, Pine Twp.

West Washington Cemetery
W. Washington St. (M-57), Greenville, Section 9, Eureka Twp.
Also known as Veteran's Park Cemetery
Moved to Forest Home Cemetery

Wolverton Plains Cemetery
See West Montcalm Cemetery

Whitsell Cemetery
Gravel Ridge Rd. (County Rd. 595) & Cutler Rd., Lakeview
Section 1, Winfield Twp.
Also known as Dickerson Cemetery

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