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Photographs & Postcards Album


Carson City East 1910  |  Carson City 1911

Crystal Lake

Edmore Depot  |  Edmore Stock Farm  |  Edmore Team

Fenwick Cheese Factory

Greenville 1916  |  Greenville Loan Card  |  Greenville Hotel  |  Greenville Lafayette Street Bridge

Sheridan  |  Stanton 1889~1890  |  Stanton Depot

Coral Ball Team abt 1912 | Early 1900's Coral Baseball Team | Fisher Mill, S. Spruce Lake
Earliest Coral area log cabin | Coral Main Street looking North, 1912
Coral Main St. looking North, 1962 | School photo, late 1800's | 1909 Train Wreck


Belvidere 1897  |  Bloomer 1897  |  Bushnell 1897  |  Cato 1897  |  Crystal 1897

Day 1897  |  Pine 1897  |  Winfield 1897

Laws of Michigan Book


Belvidere Township School (Fred C. Brett b. 1893,
son of Thomas and Clarissa (Wall) Brett, is in this photo)

Crystal High Early 1900s  |  Crystal High School Team

Greenville Union High School  |  Greenville Central School

Pinegrove School 1915  |  White School circa 1920  |  Coral School Early 1900s
School Group  |  Children
Lakeview K-12 1934-35Lakeview School (date?)

Montcalm County Family Albums

Levi Allen

Bowen ~ Bradshaw
Edgar & Estella Bowen  |  Charles H. Cory  |  Hannah Bradshaw |  GR Cory
Edgar Bradshaw Family | Joseph N. Cory |  Pete Cory

some photos below labeled:
Cato Township family William & Evangeline, Oliver Wesley Clements, Coral Adell Clements.
class of 1904 (Mattie Raglin, Matilda Herzog, Lois Colwell, Coral Clements)
Coral Clements | 8th Grade kids | Belvidere School kids (circa 1915)
Lakeview area school kids Vella L. Clements, Laura E. Clements, Merle I. Clements
Enid, Neva & Esther Orr picture postcard sent to Coral Clements, Lakeview, MI July 1914.
Laura Jack, Lois Colwell, Harrison Baird June 9, 1909.

Caris ~ Davenport ~ Marlin ~ Manley ~Schnepp
David & Catherine Marlin  |  Ethel & Charlie Marlin ~ Dave & Edna Manley
4 Generations Marlin~ Manley
  |  Marlin~ Manley Family 1914
Claude Manley Family  |  Henry& Blanche Manley
  |  David & Edna Manley
David Manley Family  |  Manley ~Marlin ~ Caris Friends

Baseball Team 1  |  Baseball Team 2  |  Baseball Team 3  |  Baseball Team 4
Caris~ Manley Children   |  Audley& Mary Caris  |  Audley& Mary Caris
Audley Caris  |  Audley & Will Caris  |  David A. Marlin & Wives  |  John Manley
Davenport Family  |  Davenport Children  |  Davenport Family Tombstones
Marlin~Manley 1920  |  SchneppReunion 1915  [2] [3]
Schnepp Reunion 1920  | Schnepp Reunion 1927  [2]

Schnepp Reunion 1937  [2] [3]  | Schnepp Reunion 1946 [2]
Schnepp Reunion 1983  |  Solomon Schnepp & Mary M. Apple
Gifford Farm

Noll ~ Lechner
Noll Group Photo

Jolly Cheerful Sigsby

Siple / Baker
Truman Baker 1912/15 in Carson City, MI

Photo: Back row: son Clinton Siple, Rilla (my grandmother), Susan, Rosa
Front row: ?? (believe to be his second wife) William Siple, Caroline Baker Siple,
Truman Baker taken around 1912/15

William, Caroline, Clinton, Sarah
(all buried in Bloomer...no heads stones and no record except for Clinton who died in 1960s)

If you have information about this photo,
contact: Norma Overton (616-240-1225)   e-mail: irishbell@att.net

Family names from Montcalm County:

Unidentified Photos

Gowen Area Family
Group photo - 1929
Photo of a young man by Chapman of Stanton, Michigan

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