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In 1867 the state legislature passed Act 194 requiring every justice of the peace, minister of the gospel, and all other persons authorized to solemnize marriages in Michigan to make note of each marriage performed by them and to deliver to the clerk of the county in which such marriage took place documentary evidence that the ceremony had been performed. Information to be recorded was date, names of parties, ages, race, residence, birth places, occupations, number of times previously married, pace of marriage, the couple's parents' names, the name of the presiding official, plus the names and residences of the witnesses. These facts were to be recorded by the county clerk and then forwarded to the Secretary of State. In 1921, by virtue of Act 170, the duties of the Secretary of State with respect to marriage records were transferred to the Department of Public Health. Microfilms of the archived reports are at the State Library and Historical Center.

Early Montcalm County Marriage Records

Thanks goes out again to Judy Hardy. She has compiled a listing of early Montcalm County marriage records. The index includes Books 1, A, B, and C. Dates range from 1851 to 1904 and includes bride, groom, date, and page # and book where the record can be found in the marriage records at the County Clerk's office. The 4 books combined include over 10,000 records. That is an incredible accomplishment.

Bride Index
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Groom Index
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Dibean Marriage Index for Montcalm County

This index has been provided by Jack and Marianne Dibean. THIS IS AN INDEX ONLY - Please refer to the county clerk for a copy of the full marriage record for further information.

NOTE: They are not researching these surnames. They have collected and maintained a database of Michigan Marriages from various sources as well as those submitted by individual researchers.

They would also appreciate being notified of any corrections to this information and a listing of your MICHIGAN marriage information to include in the database. PLEASE DO NOT SEND AS ATTACHMENTS.

SEND UPDATES AND NEW RECORDS TO: jackdibean@modempool.com

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Dibean Montcalm County Marriages

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