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Contributed Newspaper Articles

Several hundred articles from the early to mid 1860's were donated
for this site by the Flat River Community Library of Greenville, Michigan.


Montcalm County Newspapers 

Edmore had three early newspapers. "The Edmore Journal", The Edmore Gazette", and the"Edmore Times".

The first of these was the "Edmore Gazette". It began in about 1878. T. W. Harrison both published and owned the newspaper. The newspaper was published weekly and was known as a Democratic paper. The newspaper lasted about 2 years.

"The Edmore Journal", began in September of 1879. Mr. Dan Youngs was the editor and owner until it was sold to William White in 1883. Mr. White also owned and published the "Stanton Clipper". Under the direction of Mr. White, the paper was known politically as a Republican newspaper. "The Edmore Journal" closed it's doors in March of 1908.

Mr. White, one of the early owners of "The EdmoreJournal", began publication of the third newspaper, the "Edmore Times" in April of 1901.

Carson City Gazette
211 W. Main
P. O. Box 820
Carson City, Michigan 48811
(517) 584-3967
FAX: (517) 584-3591

Serving the Carson City area for over100 years - Published each Monday

The Daily News
109 N. Lafayette
Greenville, Michigan 48838
(616) 754-9301
FAX: (616) 754-8559

The Daily News also has offices in Belding, Carson City and Stanton.

Serving Greenville, Belding, Montcalm County, Northern Ionia County and N. E. Kent County.

The Lakeview Enterprise

"The Lakeview Enterprise was published weekly from 1890 to Oct 2003. A fire in 1894 destroyed all copies until that date. These newspapers are on microfilm at the Tamarack District Library in Lakeview. Also the Coral News which was published from 1897 to 1943 is also on microfilm here. I will do lookups for people and copies are available. I can be contacted by this address."

Mary Russell
Tamarack District Library
407 Lincoln Avenue
PO Box 469
Lakeview, MI 48850

The Times
304 E. Main
Stanton, Michigan 48888
(517) 831-8328
FAX: (517) 831-5063

A monthly newspaper serving Edmore, Blanchard, Cedar Lake, McBride, Millbrook, Six Lakes Vestaburg and rural Stanton.

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