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Nevins Lake School Reunion

The idea of a Nevins Lake School Reunion culminated from a Ladies Aid meeting in Sept 1928 held at Mrs. Lena Sharp’s at Lakeview. J.C. Petersen, Mamie Cannon and Lena Sharp were the instigators. The result was a business meeting held at the home of J.C. Petersen in Greenville one Saturday night in June, 1929. Plans were made for a reunion at Clifford (Lake). Committees were appointed. J.C. Peterson acted as President, Emily Disbrow as secretary. They decided to send printed post card invitations to every one whose address could be found. Invitation committee worked for a week on records, getting the list alphabetically arranged and two weeks more hunting addresses. This reunion marked the 50th anniversary of the building of the school house. Edna Nelson, Ida Lowry and Emily Disbrow acted on the invitation committee.

Excerpts from the July 25, 1931 reunion: The 3rd annual reunion was held at Clifford Lake. Mrs. Rosa Swartz Sowles of Sacramento, California sent a poem to be read. There were seven teachers present. The oldest person in attendance was Mrs. Fanny Logan. The oldest scholars in attendance were Mrs. Kilpatrick, Clarence Noah, Eli Ackley and Fred Lee. The youngest child present was Rosemary Ross, daughter of Orman Ross of Sheridan. The couple longest married were Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Noah of Sidney. Those from the greatest distance were Mr. and Mrs. Hazen Green and Mrs. Nettie Shipley and family from Detroit. Four families were 100% reunion members: The Lloyd Goodell family, Ross Drake family (Ervie W. and Oscar N.). Those in attendance – 155.

Excerpts from the July 28, 1932 reunion: Teachers present: Mildred Slack, Sadie Plumb, Alma Corfixson, Clara LaDow, Lillian Cullum, Mamie Scott and Edna Nelson. Oldest in attendance: Mrs. Fanny Logan. Letter was read from Mrs. Charles Johnson in California. Those in attendance – 178.

Excerpts from the 5th reunion held July 27, 1933: “Community singing led by Lowry sisters, reading of The Little White School by Mrs. Green, two vocal numbers by the Lowry girls, a reading and song by Dorothy Cannon, a vocal solo by Lucy Dean Howe and two songs with guitar accompaniment by Darwin Sampson.” Those in attendance – 200.

Excerpts from the July 28, 1934 reunion: “There were 10 teachers present, the most we ever have had at any reunion. They were Mrs. Victor Johnson, Mrs. Joe Hillis, Mrs. Sadie Plumb, Mrs. Clarice LaDow, Mrs. Oscar Nelson, Mrs. Herbert Slack, Mrs. L.D. Peters, Mrs. Henry Anderson, Florence Barnhardt and Ellis Wacha. Mrs. Johnson was presented a gift for being the oldest teacher present. Eli Ackley was presented a gift for being the oldest scholar present. Alice Slanker Vaughn was called upon for a few remarks and she gave us a very interesting 10 min. talk. Several letters were read from absentee members. Then the meeting was turned over to the chairman of the program, M.B. Conklin. The program follows: 2 numbers by the Lowry sisters, 2 readings by Sadie Plumb, Grey Hair and The Perfect Man. A toe dance by Janet Marriman, a short talk by the President (Hazen Green) and 2 choruses by the Burlison sisters.”

Excerpts from the July 26, 1935 school reunion: Prize was given to the oldest scholar present – “Mrs. Kilpatrick and Mr. Eli Ackley were in school in 1876 but Mr. Ackley very graciously passed the prize to Mrs. Kilpatrick. Mrs. Kilpatrick was asked to give the early history of the school. The Lowry brothers, Mr. Alivyn Lee and Mr. Ackely were asked to assist Mrs. Kilpatrick in preparing the history for 1936. Mrs. Plumb proved to be the teacher present who taught longest ago, having taught our school in 1899 and 1900. There were two present from Oregon, Mr. Alivyn Lee from Bend, Oregon and Mrs. Marcia Woodworth Bingham from Portland. The prize was given to Mr. Lee altho’ there was little difference in distance. There were six teachers present: Mrs. Plumb, Mrs. Clara Stoddard LaDow of Belding, Mrs. Mildred Lowry Slack of Grand Rapids, Mrs. Edna Curtis Nelson, Mrs. Evelyn Gates Anderson and Mrs. Lela Rasmussen Peters. The meeting was then turned over to the program committee, Mrs. Ray Disbrow, Mrs. Herbert Drake and S.L. Lowry. Mrs. Bess Wacha and Mrs. Mildred Slack sang two selections accompanied on the piano by Mrs. Vesta Hudson. Miss Dorothy Cannon, a daughter of Mrs. Mamie Swartz Cannon, sang and also gave a reading entitled Send Your Children to Bed With a Kiss. Iris and Marjorie Burlison sang Tie Me to Your Apron Strings and He Sends the Rainbow. Two piano selections were given by a visiting friend of only nine years, Paul McFall of Sparta. Mrs. Susie Swartz Petersen was then called on to sing and she also gave a reading The Model Church. Mrs. S.L. Lowry was called on for remarks which he gave in a most interesting way. Mrs. Chloe Slanker Toomey was called on for a few remarks. This was the first reunion Mr. and Mrs. Toomey, whose home is in Flint, had attended.” Those in attendance – 160.

Excerpts from the business meeting held at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Nelson, May 30, 1936: Several deaths were reported during the year: Mrs. Mary Woodworth, Greenville and Mrs. Lucy Dean Howe, Grand Rapids. Mr. Marcus Coykendall’s address was asked to be looked up in a Grand Rapids directory.

Excerpts from the July 25, 1936 school reunion: “Mention was made of the death of Mrs. Lucy Dean Howe at Grand Rapids and of Mrs. Lena Fanning Burgeon of Charlevoix. Mention was also made of the serious illness of Mr. and Mrs. Jesse Plumb and Mrs. Walter Hansen. The meeting was then given in charge of the program committee. The Irish Jig as taught in Montcalm Co. Schools was next given by the Misses Marian and Emily Skopec of Belding. Mrs. Schemmerhorn and her daughter sang I’ll Take You Home Again Kathleen and Its Great to Meet a Friend From the Old Home Town. Mrs. Victor Johnson gave a reading entitled The First Settlers Story. Ellis Wacha sang Without a Song and Down at the Old Swimming Hole. The Misses Emily, Marian and Barbara Skopec gave the Highland Fling also taught in our schools. There were seven past teachers present: Mrs. Alice Porter Hillis, Douglass (1893), Mrs. Clara Stoddard LaDow of Belding (1900-1901), Mrs. Mamie Scott Johnson from near Greenville (1892), Mrs. Edna Curtis Nelson of Nevins Lake (1904-1908), Mrs. Mildred Lowry Slack of Grand Rapids (1909) and Ellis Wacha from Stanton (1934). Mr. Eli Ackley was the oldest school boy present aged 78 while Mrs. Adella Cook was the oldest school girl aged 82. Mrs. Malissa Bergle of Arlington, Washington sent several splendid snap shot pictures of interesting buildings at Arlington which came just a day late for the reunion.”

Excerpts from the 9th annual school reunion held in July of 1937: “A suggestion was made by Mrs. Alice Vaughn of Greenville that we have a historian. Mr. M.B. Conklin was appointed historian and Mrs. Conklin, Mrs. Kilpatrick and the Lowry brothers assist him in the work. The meeting was then given in charge of the program committee. Miss Dorothy Cannon sang I’ll Build My Castle in Heaven. A duet by Miss Dorothy Cannon and her sister-in-law, Mrs. Cannon, was much enjoyed. A duet followed by Mrs. Ray Disbrow and Mrs. Howard Mesler entitled The Garden of God. Miss Dorothy Cannon gave a reading. Mrs. Jake Schemmerhorn and daughter, Mrs. Helen Neitzel, then sang The Old Rugged Cross with every one joining in on the chorus. We were glad to have with us C. Sophus Johnson a former scholar at Nevins Lake who attended school here in 1893 when only a small boy. Mr. Johnson is now City Manager of Grand Rapids. He spoke to us on Reminiscences, the difference in schools of the past and of today. Mr. Johnson graduated from Greenville in 1904. A trio consisting of the three Lowry girls sang An Old Fashioned Garden accompanied on the piano by the fourth sister Mrs. Wayne Hudson. The three who sang were Mrs. Herbert Slack, Mrs. Will Wacha and Mrs. Neil Zoerhorf. A fine exhibition of tap dancing was given by Miss Janet Slack. Mr. S.L. Lowry and Mrs. Sylvia Kilpatrick told us some little pleasant happenings of school days. They spoke of the influence of the S.S. which is celebrating its fiftieth anniversary in May 1938 and of the enjoyment and help derived from the singing schools. A prize was given to the oldest one present which proved to be Mrs. Kilpatrick and to the one who came the farthest distance to attend – Mrs. Blanche Rice Woerpel of Chicago. Mrs. Alice Vaughn proved to be the first Nevins Lake scholar to graduate from Stanton High School. There were only four former teachers present, Mrs. Edna Curtis Nelson, Mrs. Mildred Lowry Slack, Mrs. Alma Corfixen and Miss Iola Jorgensen.”

Excerpts from the 10th annual school reunion held July 30, 1938: (Past reunions were held at Clifford Lake). “Motion was made and seconded that the Goodell Grove should be the meeting place (for 1939) and that the school house be opened and used if it was thought best. Carried. Mrs. Brooks from Brookstown, Indiana received the gift for coming the longest distance to attend. She drove 262 miles to attend. Two saw solos were given by Mr. Leon Eurich entitled The Day is Done and Somewhere a Voice is Calling. Mrs. Plumb gave a reading entitled St. Peter at the Golden Gate followed by Advice to Husbands. Rec. by Nona Anderson As Regular as a Clock. Piano solo was given by Joyce Carpenter from Battle Creek. Lewis Beem gave an oration The Unknown Soldier. Mr. S.L. Lowry gave an oration that was given in the old school house in Jackson Co. seventy-two years ago, Bread and Milk. School talks were given by Mr. Tom Dakin, Oscar Filkins, Eli Ackley, Mrs. Bertie Dakin, Mrs. Nettie Shipley and Mrs. Edna Smith. Six former teachers were present, Mrs. Joe Hillis, Mrs. Jesse Plumb, Mrs. Oscar Nelson, Mrs. Henry Anderson, Mrs. Herbert Slack and Miss Iola Jorgensen. Mr. M.B. Conklin gave a list of all the teachers who taught here from 1874 to 1938. One old school mate was not mentioned last year; Mr. Edd Nevins passed away in 1937 at Moline. Mrs. Adelle Ferman Cook passed away near Crystal in 1939. Mr. Martin Christensen passed away in December 1938.”

Excerpts from the 11 annual school reunion held July 29, 1939 at Goodell’s Grove, Nevins Lake: “The president asked for all the teachers who had taught at Nevins Lake to stand. There were seven that responded, Mrs. Alice Porter Hillis, Mrs. Sadie Toleson Plumb, Mrs. Edna Curtis Nelson, Mrs. Mildred Lowry Slack, Mrs. Evelyn Gates Anderson, Miss Iola Jorgensen and Charles Hart. Each gave a few remarks. Greetings from Mrs. Anna Gallagher Gotting of Rockford were brought to us by her niece Mrs. Henry Anderson. Applause was given to Ray Disbrow and Lloyd Goodell for work on tables. A piano solo was given by Harland Schemmerhorn, son of Mrs. Jennie Schemmerhorn, an old school-mate. Next was a duet by Mrs. Wacha and Mrs. Slack entitled The Best Friend to Have is Jesus. A reading entitled Chinese Question was given by Mrs. Milo Christiansen. A musical number was given by Darwin Sampson. A solo by Mrs. Neil Zoerhof and sung in memory of her mother, and our dear friend and neighbor, Mrs. S.L. Lowry who left us for eternal glory in 1939 was next on the program. Mr. Schemmerhorn rendered another piano solo and the program was closed by all joining in singing. Mr. Schemmerhorn told us that his mother came from between 800 and 900 miles. This was Mrs. Jennie Schemmerhorn from Kansas and Russel Cederstrom came from New Jersey. Both timed their visits to Michigan so they might attend the reunion. All told their were 130 who enjoyed the program in the school house.”

Excerpts from the 12th annual school reunion held at Goodell’s Grove the last Saturday in July 1940: The board voted at their June 3, 1940 business meeting to not have a program this year. “Former teachers present were Mrs. Alice Hillis and Mrs. Edna Nelson. Letters from a number of old school mates were ready by Mrs. Emily Disbrow and Mrs. Edna Nelson. Phyllis Comstock from Watertown, Wis. was the visitor from the farthest distance. Mrs. Anne Smith of Toledo was present. Remarks were made by Mrs. Mildred Merriman of Flint and Clarence Mesler of Flint. Mrs. Kilpatrick told of attending the first school at Nevins Lake. Mr. Peter C. Johnson of Grand Rapids was called on for remarks and responded by telling some stories of his school days in 1893 when he attended school at Nevins Lake 47 years ago. It was voted that no program be given in 1941.”

Excerpts from the 13th annual school reunion held at Goodell’s Grove at Nevins Lake July 25th 1941: The business meeting held July 9th mentioned a money donation of $1 by Claude Carpenter of Olivet. “Number of former teachers present were four, Mrs. Mamie Scott Johnson, Mrs. Mildred Lowry Slack, Mrs. Evelyn Gates Anderson and Mrs. Edna Curtis Nelson. Mrs. Johnson taught in 1892 and there were four present who attended school at that time. They were Oscar Nelson, Mrs. Mamie Swartz Cannon, Mrs. Susie Swartz Petersen and John C. Petersen. None of Mrs. Slack’s 1909 pupils were present. Five pupils of Mrs. Anderson, who taught in 1925, were present, Neils, John and Martin Smith, Keith Nelson and Mrs. Norma Nelson Lutterloh. Four who attended school when Mrs. Nelson was teaching in the years of 1905-1909 were Clarence Mesler, Hazen Green, Lloyd Goodell and Norman Dean. Miss Grace Dean who went to school here in 1900 and has been and is a very successful teacher in and around Grand Rapids was present. Her teach was Mrs. Clarice Stoddard LaDow, 1900, now deceased. She attended the first school reunion but had never since attended one. There were 17 present who had attended every school reunion. Mr. Claude Hodges, his mother and his grandmother all went to Nevins Lake school. Mrs. A.L. Green and her son, Hazen Green, also attended school at Nevins. Lloyd Goodell and Martha and daughter and son attended same school as also did Oscar Nelson and his son and daughter, Keith and Norma. Mr. Hodges took pictures of some who knew his grandmother who was not able to be present. Two soldier boys were there. They were Albert Smith of Fort Custer and Carl Edward Smith of Selfridge Field.”

Excerpts from the 14th Nevins Lake School reunion held July 25, 1942 at Goodell’s Grove: “In the absence of our former president (Hazen Green) who was unable to attend as he tipped over on a load of hay and was suffering terribly with one badly injured leg and one broken one, our Vice-President, Mrs. Selma Anderson, very capably presided over the meeting. One verse of our usual hymn In the Sweet By and By was sung and a song service was conducted by Mrs. Mildred Lowry Slack of Grand Rapids. Mrs. Nelson explained how the song sheets were a gift to the reunion by Miss Grace Dean of Grand Rapids. There were 100 of them and how we did all enjoy the songs. A vote of thanks was given Miss Dean who on account of a summer college course could not be present. America and Auld Lang Syne were sung then Mrs. Slack asked that they sing Three Blind Mice in four parts as they used to sing it when Leroy Waters conducted singing school. Motion was made and seconded that Clipper Heralds be sent to all who answered the invitations and were unable to be present and to all of our boys in the service. Those boys whose addresses were handed in that afternoon were Dale Nelson, Glenn and Darwin Sampson, Albert Smith, Neils Hansen, Donald Petersen and (Carl) Edward Smith. Four former teachers were present, Mrs. Sadie Toleson Plumb, Mrs. Evelyn Gates Anderson, Mrs. Mildred Lowry Slack and Mrs. Edna Curtis Nelson. It was the vote of the Reunion to hold a 1943 meeting if war conditions in any way made it possible.”

Excerpts from the 15th annual Nevins Lake School reunion (date not given): “The day was a beautiful one but owing to the gas rationing and defense work there were only fifty-five present. Mrs. Selma Anderson led in prayer particularly asking God’s care over our soldier boys and the ones who had been saddened by the departure of loved ones. The names of the following were added to the list of those who had passed on: Dessa Ross Dow who attended school here in 1907, Fred Fleck who was a pupil in 1875, Marcus Coykendall, a former teacher, Mrs. Elvira Matice Knee in 1889, Mrs. Julia Lanning Ehle, 1886, Mrs. Sylvia Amesbury Kilpatrick, a pupil in 1876, Mrs. Sophia Hepburn Campbell who was a pupil in 1883 and Mrs. Mabel Nelson, a member of the Reunion and whose husband, John Nelson, and son and daughter, Dale and Glenna, were pupils in the school. Three former teachers were present, Mrs. Sadie Toleson Plumb, Mrs. Evelyn Gates Anderson and Mrs. Edna Curtis Nelson. Mrs. Edna Nelson was the only one present who had attended every reunion. A guest of honor was Mrs. Jim Beigle who came from Arlington, Washington and was a pupil here in 1884. Mrs. Fred Lee from Lyons was present. He attended school here in 1874. Mrs. A.L. Green attended school in 1882. Mrs. and Mrs. Frank Disbrow of Lansing were among the guests, also Peter Gallagher of Ionia, they were former school-mates. Mrs. Anne Smith of Toledo was also present.”

Names of those who have passed on beginning in 1935:

Woodworth, Mrs. Mary. Mother of Ervie Woodworth and Marcia Bingham. Died 1935
Howe, Mrs. Lucy Dean of Grand Rapids. Attended school here from 1899 to 1905 and sang at the reunion in 1934. Died 1936
Bergen, Mrs. Lena Fanning. A teacher here in 1907. Died 1936
Ross, Orman. Attended school here in 1907. Died 1936
Petersen, Neils P. Attended school here in 1883. Died 1937
Nelson, Peter. Attended school here in 1885. Died 1937
Anderson, Nels. Attended school here in 1897. Died 1938
Nevins, Edd. Attended school here in 1874. Died 1938
Christensen, Martin. Attended school here in 1882. Died 1938
Lowry, Mrs. Sophronia. Attended school here in 1881. Died 1939
Cook, Mrs. Adella Waters. Attended school here in 1876. Died 1939
Lowry, Mrs. Ida Goodell. Attended school here in 1876. Died May 6, 1940
Dakin, Mrs. (Tom) Bertie Filkins. Attended school here in 1889. Died Jan 9, 1940
Petersen, Mrs. John, wife of our vice president. Died 1940
Marlow, Ira. Attended school here in 1880. Died 1940
LaDow, Mrs. Clarice Stoddard. Taught school here in 1900. Died 1940
Lowry, Mr. S.L. Charter member of our reunion. Died 1940
Ferman, Ernest. Attended school here in 1880. Died 1941
Nelson, John, of Greenville. Attended school here in 1884. Died 1941
Dow, Dessa Ross. Attended school here in 1907. Died 1942
Fleck, Fred. Attended school here in 1875. Died 1942.
Coykendall, Marcus, of Grand Rapids. Died 1942
Knee, Mrs. Elvira Matice. Attended school here in 1889. Died 1942
Nelson, Mrs. Mable Sampson, wife of John A. Nelson. Mrs. Nelson was a member of the reunion but never attended school here. Her husband and son, Dale, and daughter, Glenna, all attended Nevins School. Died Dec 7, 1942
Ehle, Mrs. Julia Lanning. Attended school here in 1886. Diec June 1943
Kilpatrick, Mrs. Sylvia Amsbury. Attended school here in 1876. Died July 9, 1943.
Campbell, Sophia Hepburn. Died July 1943
Lanning, Wilson. Attended school in 1895. Died 1944
Filkins, Oscar. Attended school in 1889. Died 1944
Petersen, Albert. Attended school in 1905. Died 1944
Bendict, Frances Rood. Died 1944
Logan, Will. Died 1945
Wallen (Walling), Edna Mesler. Died 1946
Nelson, Oscar. Died 1946
Nelson, Edna. Died 1946 Pickell, Fred. Died 1946-47 (mentioned in 1947 minutes)
Lanning, Julia. Died 1946-47 (mention in 1947 minutes)
Disbrow, Frank. Died 1949 Peoria, Arizona
Hansen, Julia. Died Dec 1949
Green, Hazen. Died 1950
Carpenter, Fred. Died 1950
Carpenter, Ben. Died 1950
Hancock, Ansel. Died 1950
Soules, Rosie Swartz. Died 1950
Petersen, John C. Died 1952
Rice, Peter. Attended school about 1895. Died Dec 10, 1966 age 87 ½ .

Reunion Boys in the Service in 1943 and sooner:

January 14, 1941 – (Carl) Edward Smith went to Selfridge Field then to Fort Douglas Utah, thence to Louisiana. Last letter he was in England.
February 1941 – Albert Smith went to Fort Custer and in Jan 1943 received a diploma in Arc Welding. Now in Iceland.
No date – Ted Burlison had been in Hawaii 2 years and was there in the bombing of Pearl Harbor.
Dec 1941 – Dale Nelson went to Jefferson Barracks, MO, thence to Oakland, California where he is an aerial photographer.
1942 – Ernest Christensen
Nov 1942 – John Smith went to Texas.
No date – Darwin Sampson in England
No date – Glenn Sampson in New Guinea
No Date – Neils Hansen has been over seas; at present in U.S.
No date – Donald Petersen
No date – Robert Christensen, over seas
No date - no first name, Sanders, over seas
No date – Richard Beem
No date – Lewis Beem, pilot.

Excerpts from the 16th annual school reunion held at Goodell’s Grove on Saturday, August 5, 1944: Meeting was called to order by President Hazen Green, who with his wife and boy, made the trip from Grand Rapids to attend. Meeting was opened with a short song service conducted by Mrs. Mildred Lowry Slack. Mrs. Mame Scott Johnson led in prayer. There were 5 teachers present: Mrs. Victor Scott Johnson, Mrs. Oscar Curtis Nelson, Mrs. Herbert Lowry Slack, Mrs. Iola Jorgensen Devine and Mrs. Hazel Jorgensen Smith.

No Minutes available for the 17th annual meeting.

Excerpts from the 18th annual reunion held August 3, 1946: Meeting was opened with a “flying start by singing A Man on the Flying Trapeze under the capable leadership of Mildred Lowry Slack. “ The song I’ve Been Working on the Railroad was dedicated to Hazen Green. There were 5 former teachers present: Anna Gallagher Gotting, Sadie Toleson Plumb, Maime Scott Johnson, Mildred Lowry Slack and Evelyn Gates Anderson. The oldest students present: Jennie Drake of Stanton, Claude Daniels of Tacoma, Wash. The oldest teacher: Anna Gallagher Gotting. Recitations were given by Sadie Plumb, Carolina Christiansen, Mrs. John Petersen, Peter Gallagher and Dickie Ludy. Mildred and Bess Lowry sang a song and Leon Sampson read a story.

Excerpts from the 19th annual reunion held at Goodell’s Grove August 2, 1947: Those having never missed a reunion: Mr. and Mrs. Peter Smith, Johanna Smith, Elsie Goodell Conklin and Martha Goodell.

Excerpts from the 20th annual reunion held at Goodell’s Grove July 31, 1948: Only 47 people attended the potluck. Prayer was given by 89 year old M.B. Conklin. Letters were read from Iola Jorgensen Devine (a former teacher) and Melissa Beigle. Messages brought in from Bill Morgan by his mother, also a message from Bessie Oding. Three former teachers present: Sadie Toleson Plumb, Hazel Jorgensen Smith and Evelyn Gates Anderson. Those farthest away to attend: Blanch Rice Woerple, Chicago; Cassius Carpenter, Marshall, MI. Those taking part in the program were: Sadie Toleson Plumb, Marilyn, and Pat Woerple, Joanne Nelson, Minnie Morgan Parkhouse (81 years old) and M.B. Conklin.

Excerpts from the 21st annual reunion held at Goodell’s Grove in August of 1949: Minutes from the board meeting and the annual meeting discuss the lack of interest in both planning the reunions and attending the reunion. Even though the board voted to hold the reunion at the old school house it appears it was once again held at the grove. Only 47 attended the dinner. They voted to hold the 1950 reunion at Edna Pickell’s so they might have better access to the school house. Former teachers present were Sadie Toleson Plumb, Mildred Lowry Slack, Hazel Jorgensen Smith and Evelyn Gates Anderson.

Excerpts from the 22nd annual reunion held Saturday, August 5, 1950: This reunion recorded the smallest attendance ever (49). It was decided to change the reunion date to the last Saturday in July instead of the first Saturday in August in hopes of boosting attendance. Cora Beigle Wanick attended for the first time. For the first time in 21 years the Peter Smith family didn’t attend; however Martin Smith and family came later in the afternoon. Cards were sent to John Nelson who was in the hospital and to Mrs. Nell Logan Green on the sudden death of her son Hazen Green. Lottie Sampson Coe came from Washington and Fay Woodworth and Lilly Robbins families drove from a distance to be there.

Excerpts from the 23rd annual meeting July 28, 1951: The dinner was held in the yard of Edna Pickell with the business meeting held at the school. Attendance increased 19 over the previous year with a total of 68 in attendance. Five former teachers were present: Hazel Smith, Evelyn Anderson, Sadie Plumb, Mildred Slack and Mamie Johnson. Those coming the greatest distance: Fay Woodworth (127 miles), Claude Hodges (125 miles), Lillie Robbins (116 miles) and Clarence Mesler (116 miles).

Minutes from the 1952-1954 reunions contained mostly general business. Reunions were still held at Edna Pickell’s with the business meeting held in the old school. The 1954 minutes mentioned the following teachers present: Anna Gotting (age 85), taught 60 years ago; Sadie Plumb (age 74), taught 54 years ago; Evelyn Anderson, taught 30 years ago; Iola Jorgensen taught last in 1942 and Hazel Smith.

Reunions from 1955 through 1960 continued to be held at Edna Pickell’s. The minutes from the 1961 reunion are missing and those from 1962 indicate the reunions were moved to Nevins Lake Church. The 1965 minutes reflect that the old school had been torn down but no date in any of the minutes gives an exact date. The remainder of the minutes in this collection (1955-1983) contains mostly business type information.

Complete records from the Nevins Lake School Reunion are in the possession of the White Pine Library.

Contributed by Judy Hardy of Stanton, Michigan
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