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Sidney School 1947-48

Sidney School

Back row (l-r):  Florence Gerlach (teacher), Eddie Hansen, Kenny Peterman, David Hansen, Alvin Rush,
Bernard Ehle, Leona Hodges, Beulah Erridge, Eva Madsen, Richard Thomas, Calvin Peterman.

Middle row:  John Madsen, Allen Moss, Ken Kosten, Don Rasmussen, Carol Kosten,
Janis Madison, Ron Christensen, Eugene Rydahl, Lillian Corfixsen, Glenna Peterman.

Bottom row:  L. J. Christensen, Dorothy Hansen, Earlda Marble, Beth Hansen,
Jerry Christensen, Connie Lentz, Shirley Fish, Bill Noah, Gary Thomas.

Sidney School

Back row (l-r):  Arnold Andersen, Doris Rush, Virginia Ehle, Bill Kapral, Lois Foster, Virginia Lamb,
LaVonna Hodges, Terry Jensen, Kathleen Petersen, Teacher: Helen Johnson Nelson.

Middle row:  Leslie Rush, Joyce Ehle, Warner Frisbie, Wayne Chapman, Norma Kosten,
Janis Courser, Sharon Carl, James Hansen, Julia Lintz, Janet Drews.

Bottom row:  James Foster, Marilyn Kosten, Linda Frisbie, Charlene Kapral, Betty Lou Dickerson,
Pauline Peterman, Wayne Adams, Janet Hoy, Janet Gregory, Joyce Rasmussen.

Photos and identifications courtesy of Jan Pearl and Don Rasmussen

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