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    These early records are other than cemetery records.  Such as voter registration, licensing for various functions, doctors records, court records, etc.

Location of Township Offices

Location of Township Libraries

Information on Old Land Descriptions

Ada Township
Ada Pioneer Association - Early History and Some Obituaries of Members
List of the Members of the  Ada Pioneer Association, 1892-1907

Algoma Township
Algoma Township History

Alpine Township
Alpine Center Cemetery Restoration, Layout and Lot Owners
History of the Alpine Grange, 1874-1988
Old Photo of the Alpine Grange

Bowne Township
Index of Images for Bowne Center

Byron Township
Sketches of Pioneers,  
Political Party Enrollment, 1912
History of Byron Center

Civil War Soldiers Buried in Byron Twp. Cemeteries
Early Township Officers

Caledonia Township
Early Photos of Caledonia Township
Postcards of the Caledonia Electric Dam
Postcards of Emmons Lake - Caledonia

Cannon Township
Cannon Township Register of Electors, 1858-1882,    
Cannon Township Vote Enrollment, 1906-1910

Cascade Township
McCord's Station
Contributions From Cascade Historical Society

Courtland Township
1842 Tp. Election
1845-1869 Township Records
a) 1845 Township Board Meeting
b) 1846 Tp. Election
c) 1866 List of District Path Masters (Highway Overseers)
d) 1869 Tp. Election
Elected Tp. Officers, 1897-1911
Highway Overseers, 1895 - 1905
Township Library
School Board Officers, 1893-1896, 1903
Early Landowners (Unknown date)

1906 Road Enactment
Courtland Tp Death Record Index, 21 Sep 1908 - 18 Sep 1935
Courtland Tp. Death Certificates, 1910 - 1916, plus 1-1920, 1-1929

Gaines Township
Photo of Gaines United Brethren Church, 1903

Grand Rapids City
Tubergen General Store
St. Mary's Catholic Church Marriages, 1857-1858
Etching of Grand Rapids

Grand Rapids Township
1836 East Beltline NE
Grand Rapids, MI 49525-4514
Web Site:

Elected Officials, 1834 - 2001   
Township Complex Plans, 1929-2001
Township & County Officers, 1907
Township Officials, 1930-2001
WPA Land Assessments, 1939-1940

Grattan Township
Grattan Cemetery Lot Owners, 1909
Grattan Township Residents, 1910-1919
Grattan Township Burial Permits, 1926-1963
St. Patrick's Catholic Church, Parnell

Grattan Local Vital Records and Events, 1876-1884 (Neighbors)
Grattan Grange Officers, 1876-1884

Lowell Township
Lowell Township Births, 1877, 1880, 1889
Lowell Township Deaths, 1877, 1889
Lowell Township 1877 Military List
Lowell Township Jacob Bovee Dance List, 1880 or 1889
Lowell Township Dog Licenses, 1880,   
McBride Cemetery Lot Owners, 1892-1916,   
McBride Cemetery Map,   
Ministers of the Lowell Methodist Church to 1955,   
RothCoon Cemetery Lot Owners, 1888-1913,   
St. Mary's Parish History, 1878-1971
Merriman Cemetery Lot Owners,  
Merriman Cemetery Map,   
Wright Cemetery Lot Owners,  
Wright Cemetery Map
Lowell Chamber of Commerce
Index to 1931 History of Lowell
of Lowell

Nelson Township
Nelson Township Mortgages, 1894-1903
Cedar Springs Deaths

Oakfield Township
Oakfield Center School - Class Photo 1925
Greene Elementary School - 1954 Class Photo
Greene Elementary School - 1955 Class Photo

Logging - Lincoln Lake
Oakfield Township Marriages

Paris Township
Kent Co. Poor Farm (a.k.a. Maple Grove)
Dillenback's History of Paris Township

Plainfield Township
Austerlitz Ladies Aid Society, 1894-1897

Solon Township
Solon Township Justice Docket, 1873-1904,   
Solon Township Party Enrollment, 1906-1910,   
Solon Township Voter Registration, 1875-1882
Solon Township Cemetery Lot Owners, 1905-1933

Sparta Township
Early Settlers Sparta Township
Lisbon Village,  
Lisbon - Newspaper article
Layout of Lisbon Cemetery,  
Lisbon Cemetery Lot Owners
Sparta Water Tank
Sparta Brick Yard
Sparta Field Day, 1923
Sparta High School

Spencer Township
1908 Harvard Baseball Team,  
History of Lincoln Lake

Tyrone Township
Justice of the Peace Marriage Records, 1867-1931
1911 Kent City Fire
School District No. 1
1865 Census

Vergennes Township
Covered Bridge,   
Early History, 1836-1838,   
Vergennes Twp Registered Voters, 1882-1918

Walker Township
Walker's History

Wyoming Township
Bigelow Field

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