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Fairplains Township
Montcalm County, Michigan
by Gerry Christiansen

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Stumping near Fenwick


Clear Lake
  Burial Index

  Burial Index
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County Farm
County Poor Farm

Homecoming - 1928

Ladies Aid
South Fairplains-1943
South Fairplains-1961

Township - 1875

Pioneer Association
Picnic - 1900

M57 & M66 Intersection

Amsden School
Fairplains School
Fenwick School
Tobey School
Tobey School - 1916

Adams, Fern Rasmussen
Anderson, Theresa
Briggs, O.A.
Carpenter, A. G.
Couchman, George D.
Couchman, Gertude
Couchman, Maude
Dailey, James A.
Dilley, D. Darwin
Fargo, John D.
    Fargo Home
Fredericks, Nora
Frost, James
Greenwalt, Maybelle
Hansen, Hans
Hansen, Hans L.
Hansen, Jens P.
Jenks, Earl
Kent, Silas
Kindell, Edwin J.
King, George
Larsen, Chris
Lillie, Will
Lipar, Anna
Loper, Marvin L.
Loring, Justus
Lunn, William P.
McGowan, John
Miller, Bessie Davidson.
Miller, George W.
Miller, H. Burr
Miller, John C.
Morris, Frances J.
Morris, W.C. - Family
Mount, Louis - Farm
Newton, Rudolph
O'Connor, Mike
Olsen, Marie S.
Phelps, Hattie A.
Phelps, W.S. (Bio)
Phelps, Walter (obit)
Porter, John & Ella
Rasmusen, Willard C.
Root, Walter
Snow, Bert R.
Staines, William J.
Stone, Luther R.
Summers, S. Clay
Swartz, Hugh
Tallman, W.A.
Thomas, Ernie
Walker, Lewis & Sara
Walker, Sarah H. (obit)
Walkington, Fred
Wheeler, Squire
Wheeler, Wilson
Wilkenson, Minnie Bell
Worden, Thomas W.

Amsden Mill
Ladies Aid
Shoemaker, Mrs. J.P.


Hansen, Vego

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