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Maple Valley Township
Montcalm County, Michigan

Information and Links

The Maple Valley Name
by Bertha (Mrs. Carl) Johnson

Valley Of The Maples.  Where did Maple Valley get its name?  When the first settlers came in 1858, the area was thickly forested with beautiful maple groves and pine trees.  Many romances blossomed in the sugar bushes, as they were called, when the sap from the maple trees was gathered in buckets, boiled down in huge vats over a blazing fire and became maple syrup and sugar.  It became the place to go for young folks to watch the process.

Sap started flowing the first warm days of spring.  It was time for farmers to tap the trees and hang the buckets to catch the sap.  Maple Syrup and sugar became the first crop of the year for many farmers who had settled in the valley.

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  • The current settlements in Maple Valley township are Coral & Trufant.

    Coral, in Maple Valley Township, was first settled by Rev. Charles Parker in 1861.  He donated 80 acres to become the new village. He became involved in lumbering. The lumber camp, called Stumptown, was said to be first named Stumptown after the Stump and Morris mill & was later platted as Coral. Logging flourished and the Hart Oaks Company sawmill operated until 1880 when the pine forests in the area were exhausted. Coral Enterprise newspaper began publication here in 1875. The railroad came through in 1871 and as potato farming increased potato warehouses were built along the tracks in Coral and Trufant.

    Trufant, in Maple Valley Township, was named after Emory Trufant, who acquired land, which was platted and recorded in 1871. He operated a sawmill and soon after a steam sawmill and shingles and planing mills were operating in the area. Farming was very important to many of the settlers who were from Denmark. They cultivated the land planting their crops among the wood stumps of ten pulling them out by hand and then by machine. These stumps were later used to fence in their fields. Potatoes were a very successful crop in the area and these were shipped by rail to Greenville.

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