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Eureka Township
Montcalm County, Michigan

John Green
John Green

The settlement in Eureka township, is the County's largest, and is known as Greenville. In 1844, John Green moved to the area from New York and the village was named after him. The first Danish immigrant was Christian Johnson with literally hundreds of his countrymen following him to the area. Greenville was incorporated as a village in 1853.

The first marriage on the books of Montcalm County was that of Benjamin A. Weaver and Gertrude Stockholm. The marriage took place in Greenville on March 19, 1851. Wilson Mosher, a minister of the gospel performed the marriage.

The first court proceedings in Montcalm County took place June 21, 1853 before Judge Martin in Greenville. Both proceeding were divorce cases: Washington D. Coons vs. Martha E. Coons and Mary West vs. John West.

1875 Township Map
Business Directory

Backus School 1908

Johnson, William "Wid"

Civil War
George B. Race, 2nd MI Cav
Eureka Place
Eureka Place - Drawing


Area Danish
Danish Ambassador
Danish Consul General Visits

Forest Home Cemetery

Lou VanWinkle's Railroad site
Bock, Wyman & Helene
Bradley, Wm E. & Jane
Bradley, Wm H. - Senator
Bradley, Wm T. & Gladys
Brown, Floyd T.
Carlin, Margaret
Carpenter, A. G.
Eriksen, E. A. - 55th
Fowler, Ruth
Gibson, Frank S. & Sarah G.
Grow, Nellie
Hansen, Hans C.
Hendricksen, Veggo
Henry, Florence
Johnson, Charles W.
Johnson, Justine E. (Tabor)
Lampson, H. O.
Larsen, Peter C.
Miller, Richard
Pearson, Nettie - letter 1877
Pearson, Nettie - letter 1885
Phelps, T.I. & Mary Jane
Pierce, Edson
Swanson, Mrs. J. Albert
Tower, R. J. (home)
Tyler, Willam A.
Yaner, Hugh - Retires

Cass Street School
Cass Street School 1923
HS - Class of 1906
HS Building - 1907
HS - Class of 1932
The City
Airplane (early)
Auto Parade - 1914
Baggage & Frieght Wagons
Bradley's Cigar Factory
Bradley's Sons Wholesale
Bradley's Standard Oil
Bird's-eye Views - 1907
Cement Products Company
City Hall - Fire Barn
City Power Plant
City Water Works - 1907
Cross Street - 117
Early photos
Ericksen Grocery Closes
Firestone Store Opens
Franklin St. Bridge & Dam
Franklin St. - So. 610
Gould Sells Drug Store
Grand Trunk Crew
Greenville Floral
Greenville State Bank  (First State Bank)
History - 1908 Photos
Hospital - Early Home
J. T. Ridley's Egg Emporium
Mail Carriers - 1908
Main Street - Early
Northern Hotel
Pere Marquette - 1871
Ranney Refrigerator Factory
     Factory Boiler Explosion
Sigma Theta Fraternity - Group
Sigma Theta Fraternity - 30th
Sigma Theta Fraternity - 50th
Skinner & Steenman Factory
Stryker Motor Sales - Fire
Washington Street (East)
Washington Street (West)
Winter Inn Hotel
Winton Auto - Cass Wright
Wright's Mill & Dam

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