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Stanton  (area)
Montcalm County, Michigan

by Gerry Christiansen

Stanton Stanton Stanton

Stanton is located in four townships: Day, Douglass,
Evergreen, Sidney, and is the county seat.

See Sidney Township

Death Index
Weekly Clipper 1880-1884

Baptist Church
Catholic Church
Congregational Church
Congregational Parsonage
Methodist Church
United Church

Rev. Banen
Rev. Burns
Rev. Savage

Baseball Champs - 1918
Basketball - 1912-13
Football Team
Football Team - 1931
Football Team - 1946

Frost School
Green School
High School
3rd Grade Class - 1910
High School - 1939
6th & 7th Grade
7th & 8th Grade
Stanton - 1876
Wirick story - written 1935
Early Days - written 1935

Digging Potatoes
Railroad - Building
Republican Ad
Stump pulling
Tew Lumber Camp
Winter of 1936

Bachman, Dr.
Baldwin Family Home
Bently Family Home
Carothers Family Home
Court Street Home
Dasef Family Home
Dowling, Fannie
Fanning, Michael (home)
French, Charles (home)
Gardner Home
Gavitt Family
Hancock, Guy
Hansen, Roger
Hardy, Myrtle (home)
Hempstead, Henry M.
Hinds Family Home
Hodges Family
Jeppsen, Ruby Brand
Kimble, Art
Lilly Family Home
Lucas Family Home
Merle Gavitt - Vet Veteran
Mill Street - 521 North
McFadden, Daniel
Moffatt, Rev. George
Pakes Family Home
Pierson, John W.S. (home)
Pratt, Wm. B. (home)
Reynolds Family Home
Rice, Harvey - Home
Smith, Hans & Katherine
Sterling, Lew (home)
Stevenson Family Home
Tissue, Joseph
Towle Family Home
Turner, Wm.
Voorheis, John N. (home)
Wallace, Family Home
Weatherwax, John (home)
Wickes, Charles

County Seat
Montcalm County Seat
Montcalm County Sheriffs

Band - 1904
1863 View
1875 Directory
Cadwells Elevator
City Skating Pond
Danforth Sanitarium
Fire - 1913
Fire Dept. - 1904
Gardner Light Company
Gavitt's Grocery Store
Hotel Montcalm
Main Street - Looking West
Map - 1875 - N.W.
   - 1875 - N.E.
   - 1875 - S.W.
   - 1875 - S.E.
   - 1875 - East Part
PM RR Station
Red & White Store
Road Commission
Sidwalks - Installing
Sledding - 1943
Stevens Opera House
Stevens & Towle
Stevenson Store
Tire Store
Theater - Ladies
Train Leaving Stanton
Turner Block
View from the cemetery
WWII Memorial

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