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Sidney Township

Montcalm County, Michigan


Courter, Joseph Watson
Hall, Abner
Jacobus, Joseph
Waters, Levi

Forest Hill - Stanton
North Sidney
Sidney Township
South Sidney

Nevins Lake Church
   Sunday School History

Stump pulling

Township History
Dasef - 1916
Newspaper - 1955

Directory - 1875

Area Logging
Logging Train
Thomas Tew Camp

Township - 1875

Muskrat - Students
Muskrat - About 1921
Nevins Lake School
Nevins Lake School Reunion
Nevins Lake School - Students
Nevins Lake School - Teachers

Sheridan is located
in four townships:
Bushnell, Evergreen,
Fairplains, & Sidney.

Area Residents
Area Homes
Beardslee, Claire
Bolster, Cass & Estella
Brackett Residence
Brayton & Courter Family
    Brayton, Albert
    Brayton, Art & Paul
    Brayton, Donald
Brayton, Crawford & Courter
Collier, John & Almira
Collier, Frank
Courter, Albert
Courter, Frank & Maud
Crawford, Anna & Bert
Deacons, James - Family
Hall, Mrs.
Hanchett, John
Holland Family
Jenks, Nellie
Kittridge, John & Della
Lampman, Rollie
Maruin, Earl
McNaughton Family
Sowle Family
Staines Family
Stearns Family
Stearns, Wesley & Family
Taylor, Freeman

Congregational Church
    Sunday School 1902-07
Congregational Program

Methodist Church

History - 1949
Fire - May 1955
History - 1976

Advertiser - March 1952

Early Post Card
High School
School Bus

Ball Teams
Ball Teams - 1916-1918
Ball Team - 1974
Band - 1950s
Band - 1960

Class Play - 1917

First Graduating Class
Class - year unknown
Class of 1913
Class of 1914
Class of 1915
Class of 1916
Class of 1916 - Jr.
Class of 1917
Class of 1919
Class of 1922
Class of 1924-25
Class of 1926-27
Class of 1946
Class of 1955-56

Mud Lake School

1875 Business Directory
1875 Village Map
Al's Cafe - Interior
Band - 1909
Bank of Sheridan
Barber Shops
Birdseye View - 1907
Bush Garage
Bush Plumbing & Heating
Depot - G.T.
Depot - P.M.
Depot - T.S. & M.
Early Views
Elevator Fire - 1915
Fairplains Stock Farm
Holland Lake
Hospital - Old
Hospital Staff - 1954
Hotel Dolan
IGA Grocery
Lampman's Gulf Station
Libby Plant - Circa 1924
Lower Groceries
Main Street
Main Street - North
Main Street - South
Main Street - West Side
Main Street - Early Cars
Main Street - 1910
Main Street - 1919
Main Street - 1930
Main Street - 1940s
Main Street - 1955
Millinery Shop
Misc. Views
Modern Woodsmen
Oak Street
Oak Street - East Side
Opera House
Paving Main Street
Pearl Lake
Pickle Salting Plant
Railroad Crew
Sinclair Gas Station
Stearns Meat Market
Stebbins Funeral Home
Telephone Directory
Water Tower
Washington St. to Main
Wolverton General Store


Area Residents
Group Photos
Group Photos (more)
Andrews, Ella & Ivan
Burgess, Charles & Cora
   Burgess & Courter
Christensen, Chris
Courter, Henry
Courter, Anthony & Molly
   Courter, Molly
   Before 1907
   Courter, Ada
   Courter, Robert
   Courter, Helen (Burgess)
   Courter, Robert & Helen
   Courter, Bill & Ruth
DeHart, Icy
Drews, Minnie - 88
Filkins, Esther
Grunwald, Henry & Clara
Hemmingsen, Ole & Stine
   Hemmingsen, Einer
   Hemmingsen, Otto
Knoll, Alvin & Maud
Krogman, Carl & Marie
Lamb, Anna Pete
Madison, Hannah
Moss, Grace & Seymour
Nelsen Family - 1913
   Nelsen, Ernie & Ken
   Nelsen, Ken
Noah, Ralph & Anna
Noah, William
Petersen, Chris
   Petersen, Yvonne & Viva
Petersen, Jorgen
Rydahl, Alfred
Toleson, Frank Sr.

A. G. Grovesnor Store
Bank - Old
    New Bank Planned
    New Bank Opens
Baseball Team 1906
Bird's-eye View
Blacksmith Shop
Burgess Elevator
Cheese Factory
Christoffersen Market
Clubs and Plays
Clubs and Plays (more)
DBS Hall
DBS Hall - 1928
Depot and Warehouses
Drug Store, Bar, Post Office
Frank G. Hansen Store
Lyndon Noah Store
Main Street - Early
Main Street - looking North
Nelson Market & Hotel
Olsen's Store
Otto Peterson General Store
Petersen's General Store
Petersen's General Store-1958
Pickle Salting Station
Post Office
Republican Meeting - 1869
Shingle Mill
Street Scenes

Congregational Church
Church History
Early Photos of Church
Ladies Aid
Sidney Lutheran
Sunday School

Pioneer Association
Sidney - 1949
Sidney - 1960
Sidney - Bicentennial Edition

School - Early
School, Hall, Church
High School K-10
Students - 1902
Students - 1904
Graduation - 1905
Students - 1932
Students - 1935
Students - 1936
Students - 1947-48

(County Seat)

Information & Photos

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