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Unknown County, MI

Posted Queries for October 1997



The information contained here covers old queries.  To post a new query for an unknown Michigan County, please go to the Ancestry/Rootsweb Message board.


MOREAU posted by joe moreau on Friday, October 3, 1997
looking for MOREAU'S i know that some of the family lived in or near hancock mi in the u.p. and in saginaw and or bay city. my grandfather JOSEPH MOREAU ran the scott hotel in hancock in 1908 and y father JOSEPH born in 1915 in saginaw or bay city. thank you

BRIGGS, CHAPIN, HEIDT, MCCONKEY, MELVIN posted by Gary Melvin on Saturday, October 4, 1997
Living In Alaska makes tracing my tree hard and I sure could use some help I am try to find any information on a Johathen MELVIN b. 1837 in England and d. 09/27/1887 in Dewitt, Clinton, MI, He Married Grace MCCONKEY B. 1846 D. 4/4/1899. she was born in Canada and died in Dewitt, Clinton, MI, It is reported that they had 4 children; R. B MELVIN (no other information), Mary B MELVIN B. 1871, Sarah E. MELVIN, b. 1973 in Dewitt, Clinton, MI and married Frank CHAPIN and John Lambert MELVIN (my ggrandfarther) he was born and died in Dewitt, Clinton, MI b. 03/24/1872 d. 12/07/1920, He married Augusta Louis HEIDT on 9/28/1998 in Dewitt, Clinton, MI, b. 02/14/1879 in Dewitt, Clinton, MI and d. in Geneva, Ashtabala, OH, they had 2 children Chester MELVIN born in Dewitt, Clinton, MI b. 11/17/1901 d. 02/01/1902 and my grandfarther Leland Ralph MELVIN born Dewitt, Clinton, MI b. 09/24/1904 d. 05/26/1962 in Mentor, Lake, OH he married Ila Waive BRIGGS born Wolverine, Cheboygan, MI d. 1/18/1979 in Willoughby, Lake, OH, they were married 06/29/1926 in Lansing, Ingram, MI

BLANK, CURTIS, DE-LONG, RHOADS posted by Pam Swiler on Saturday, October 4, 1997
CURTIS, Arthur, b.17 Mar 1910, d. 15 June, 1932 in Three Rivers, St. Joesph County, Michigan. Married Irma Minerva BLANK on November 23, 1929, however, I am unable to find out where they were married. Irma had been previously married and her married surname was RHOADS. Arthur was killed in an accident in Three Rivers and is the son of Albert E. CURTIS and Leafey J. DE-LONG. Would like any available information on Arthur's family and would like to know where he and Irma were married.

SPURRIER posted by Marci Mack on Saturday, October 4, 1997
Looking for the surname SPURRIER in unknown county of MI. My earliest is William Leonard Spurrier b. abt 1881, m. about 1901 Jenny Pearl Whitaker b. abt 1882 in unknown area of MI. I am new to genealogy and would love for someone to be able to point me to the right county for this family.

FULLERTON, REDPATH posted by Irene Ram on Sunday, October 5, 1997
FULLERTON, Thomas Kerr; born 24 Aug 1852 England; died 1914 Calgary, AB Canada; married 19 Nov 1874 Milfield, England; wife Sarah Jane REDPATH; born 05 June 1854 Northumberland, England; died 20 Feb 1902 Calgary, AB Canada. Thomas and Sarah emigrated to Marquette, MI USA about 1880/81. They brought their 3 young sons with them & another was born in Marquette. House was built up on stilts to raise it above the marshy soil. They moved on in 1882. Children: Thomas William FULLERTON, born 11 Dec 1875 Wooler, Northumberland England; John FULLERTON, born 25 Sept. 1878 Wooler Northumberland England; Robert FULLERTON born 09 Dec 1879 Newccastle Wooler England; & Ernest Redpath FULLERTON born 07 April 1882 Marquette MI USA Any info appreciated. Thanks. ---Irene

MOREAU posted by Eleanor Fessenden on Sunday, October 5, 1997
looking for info on paternal grandfather J. A. Bertrand MOREAU married to Lillian Tettreault 9/29/35 divorced 4/27/51. last known location Taylor, MI. son Roger Roland Moreau and family searching for you.

HANNER, RUBITSCHUNG, THOMAS posted by Mike Thomas on Monday, October 6, 1997
I am looking for the THOMAS, RUBITSCHUNG and HANNER FAMILIES. Christie V. THOMAS lived in the Copper Country most of his adult life, until his death in 1959 in Gay. He had 2 sons, Clyde (my father), and Chester Paul, and daughters Christine Dorothy and Alice Claire. Chester Paul died in a cave-in while playing at an old mine near Gay around 1929 or 1930. Christie V. was married to Matilda RUBITSCHUNG, daughter of Adolf RUBITSCHUNG and Rosalia HANNER. Matilda was born March 14th, 1895, I believe in or about Lake Linden. Christie was born in 1881 in Lake Co. Illinois, and I suspect may have come to the copper country to work in the mines. I suspect that he and Matilda were married sometime between 1910 and 1918. In 1918, they homesteaded in South Dakota with other THOMAS family members for about ten years, but returned to the Copper Country after 1928. After Christie's death, Matilda was the housekeeper at the Catholic parish in Lake Linden for many years. I am especially interested in the RUBITSCHUNG and HANNER FAMILIES. Please respond to Mike Thomas at

FAY, KRUEGER posted by Pamela Carico on Monday, October 6, 1997
Information Needed on: FAY, John Charles, Sr. b: unknown county, MI.abt. 1870-1880, married Augusta Amelia KRUEGER abt. 1892. First son born in IL, John C FAY, Jr., 2nd son born in Knox Co., OH, Edward David FAY, a daughter born possibly in IL, Mary.

BILEDEAU, DURANLEAU, WINDLE posted by Daniel E. Getchell on Monday, October 6, 1997
Seeking ancestorial and marriage information on my grand parents, William T. and Alma WINDLE. William born about 1881 at Saginaw, MI. and Alma BILEDEAU born about 1882 at Fresoil, MI. Alma's last name appears as DURANLEAU on my mothers, (Lorraine) birth certificate, Manistee, County Mar. 20, 1913. William and Alma both die in Mil. WI. he in June 1965 and she Dec. 1966.

ANDRULIS posted by Sandy Mendenhall on Tuesday, October 7, 1997
Looking for any and all information on the ANDRULIS family. Vaslor John Andrulis married Anna (maiden name unknown at this time) on the boat over from Lithuania. They had 4 children (to my knowledge): Matthew (my grandfather), Bruno, John, and Francis. John, at one time, had a cheese factory in Michigan, and most of the Andrulis' from Matthew's lineage still live in Michigan. They include Clark and Arthur. Walter lives in Kansas, and Roger is deceased. All my grandparents are deceased now, and I am having trouble locating anyone who knows the family history anymore. I appreciate any help at all -- Sandy.

CHRYSEL, CRAWFORD, JEREMIAH, LANE, MARTIN, THOMAS, TURNBULL posted by della lane on Wednesday, October 8, 1997
MARTIN Charles Chester born ?Ill. abt. 1863. married Lottie May CRAWFORD in Saline KS. in 1890. Had four children John Henry MARTIN, Charles C. Martin, Sophie C. Martin and Horton Martin. Died in Texas in 1901 in accident at Acme Mills in Quanah Texas. I am trying to locate Charles Chester MARTIN'S father and any information about his family. I think they were in Missouri at the time of his death but not sure. His wife Lottie remarried to Albert Spears in 1904 in Quanah Texas. Any information on this Martin line would be helpful. Lane THOMAS born in Va. abt. 1790 married Elizabeth CHRYSEL June 3 1813 in Wilkes County NC. died sometime after 1860 census for Wilkes County NC. children were ? Jeremiah Lane b. 1815,Joseph b. 1816, Nathienal Garland b. 1819 Skidmore b. 1823 Thomas b 1824, William b. 1828, Benjamin b. 1826, Lucy b. 1828,Permelia b. 1830 Montford b. 1834. Lane JEREMIAH born in Wilkes Cty NC 1815, died in Mckinney Texas in 1889. married Mary TURNBULL Oct. 1 1835 in Wilkes Cty NC. children were: John b. 1835 NC., Elizabeth b. 1834 NC,Thomas b. 1840 NC, Mary b. 1844 Tn., William b. 1847 Tn., Martha b. 1850 Tn. I need to know any information on this LANE family and also any information on TURNBULL line.

MCKAGUE, POWER posted by Patricia Leake on Wednesday, October 8, 1997
Unkown County MCKAGUE I am looking for info on George MCKAGUE AND Susan POWER. Susan was Georges 2nd wife. George had 14 children Mary, Maria, Rosalind, Clarisel, Julia, Esther, Lavinia, Isaac, Will, Rodney, Robert, Charles, George W., Joseph. George W. was born in MICHIGAN in 1854. George W. later moved to Clay Co Dakota Territory and then to Osage Co MO. George MCKAGUE was born either in Ireland or Scotland. GW was also married twice his children were Robert, Ora, Irvin, Claron and Hazel.

MUSTARD, SIMONS, VAN-HUYSEN posted by Vance Januszewski on Wednesday, October 8, 1997
Robert P SIMONS Born 1914 1915 Married to Unice VAN-HUYSEN from the Coldwater area Married out of state around 1928 Divorced from Unice Van Huysen in 1938 in Mich Had One Child "Janese" from Unice Van Huysenu, Janese Died at one or two years old Remarried a Woman named "MUSTARD" Is he still alive? any living relatives? Where?

GEERDINK posted by Alexander Vink on Wednesday, October 8, 1997
1. GEERDINK hendry (or hendrik) born 10 September 1882 in Enschede, The Netherlands. Left The Netherlands on 13 April 1909 to Grand Rapids. 2. GEERDINK marinus johannes born on 13 April 1878 in Enschede, The Netherlands. Left on 15 January 1916 to Grand Rapid. Both are brothers of my fathers grandfather. I want to get all information about them and their spouse(s) and children and addresses. Thank you in forward. Contact is also possible by

PANTTI, PIETI, PONTTI posted by Jane Pontti on Thursday, October 9, 1997
I am looking for any info on the PONTTI family. I believe they are from the Ishpeming area. the original last name was PANTTI, but it was changed to PONTTI when they came to America from Finland. The father of the family that came over was Alexander PONTTI, b.Sept.4, 1870 d. June 4, 1925, the mother was Anna Katarina PIETI PONTTI b.May 3, 1873 d.Aug.14,1921. They were married on Dec. 12, 1891.They had 12 children: Olga Emily Alexandra b. Sept.1,1893 d.Nov.23, 1967, Martha Wilhelmina b. Sept.24,1895 d.Apr.28,1967, Laina Adelaide b.Feb.6,1897 d.Jul.21, 1967, Anna Pauline b.Aug.,1899 d.1901, Jarl Alexander b.June 30,1900 d.Dec. 29, 1961, Alice Albertine b.Jan.16, 1902 d. June 3, 1941, Sally Rose Elaine b. May 26, 1903 d. Dec. 25, 1916, Onni Bernhart b. Mar. 16, 1906 d.Mar. 1966 Wilho Waldemar b. Jan. 1, 1908 d. ?? Taimi Natalie b. Sep. 8, 1909 Werner Henry b. Aug. 17, 1911 d. Nov. 3, 1990 Gertrude Naomi b. Feb.9, 1913 d. Sept.29, 1955 If you have any info regarding the PONTTI family, please contact me !!! *thanks, Jane*

DENBROCK posted by Robin Linson on Thursday, October 9, 1997
DENBROCK,Raymond Frank was born 9-17-19 to William Denbrock (from Germany) and Mary Declute ( from Michigan) in Coldwater Michigan. We were told that his parents died young and he went to live with a sister but this is not confirmed. He married Dorothy ( Lorraine ) Letourneau on 9-17-40, in Davenport Iowa. He went into the Army on 4-9-41 and was discharged 6-17-45. He worked for Edward Knight at Eddies Meatmarket in Chicago before he went in the millitary. Raymond and Lorraine had two children, Raymond Frank Jr. (nicknamed Denny) and Diana L. both born in Chicago. We have a death certificate which says that he died 11-10-1948 and was burried at the Oakwoods Cemetary (R-7-104). I am looking for any and all possible connections to this families history. thank you

STOKES posted by Janice Beever on Thursday, October 9, 1997
Leona Edith STOKES b. MI (co. unknown) 1888 Eloped from MI to UT age 14; husband killed lightning in house Edward August Dondanville(m. Alhambra CA) Mother lived in MI: Clara Stokes; died in CA in her 90s. Birth Record: Leona Edith STOKES Marriage Record: parents _____ & Clara ( ) STOKES Census Records Bef/Aft 1900: parent full names/occupation/siblings/household info/bdates

HURLBRETT, HURLBURT, THORNER posted by Peggy Thorner on Friday, October 10, 1997
HURLBRETT (HURLBURT) GRACE B. Maiden Name: THORNER Born: July 16, 1894 Married: Russell Hurlbrett or Hurlburt He was suppose to have been mayor of Newbury, MI Children: Durwood Thorner b. Feb.5, 1910 Fathers Name: Wm. Edward Thorner Mothers Name: Martha Newell I would like to know when she died & where she is buried. Also a copy of her death certificate.

GOULD posted by Donna Bartell on Friday, October 10, 1997
Looking for the family of James A. GOULD born aroun 1863 somewhere in Michigan

LEONARD, RACINE posted by jim carten on Friday, October 10, 1997
Salomon RACINE married to Adelaide LEONARD and resided in Ishpeming late 1800-`s. Need parents of Adelaide and any other pertinent info. THANX

YOUNGLOVE posted by Grace Younglove Hudson on Saturday, October 11, 1997
Looking for information on the two sons of Nelson YOUNGLOVE who were living in Huron County, Grant Twp in the 1870's their mother is Polly Luce. Known to have other children. Polly who was living in NY, remarried after the death of Nelson. and moved to MI. Nelson is the son of Samuel and I think his second wife Betsey. Any informatin on this family would be greatly appreciated.

AUSTIN, AUSTINS, BOSWORTH, BURGESS, LORD, NEWELL, STERLING posted by Val Barney on Saturday, October 11, 1997
Addition to 1st query on AUSTIN, Ashton MI. Have now found out that Jeddish is aka Jed, Jedediah, Jedadiah and Jediah, depending on what document one reads in Washington state. Jed was born 6 Oct, 1831, Ashton MI; wife, Mary C BURGESS, children possibly born in Ashton, Thomas J., Oscar, Victor Freemont, Lafayette Kossuth and Russel L. Austin. Washington census lists Jed's parents as being from Vt and NY(Canada). Mary C Burgess b 6 Jan 1829 in MI or Canada. Lafayett's wife, Ida D NEWELL, b 1855 in Rockford, Illinois. Parents, Orin Newell and Martha LORD. Martha's parents, Joseph LORD Jr. and Ruth BOSWORTH. Joseph Lord Jr. parents Joseph LORD and Caroline STERLING. Any assistance would be helpful--I also have stacks of info on LORD, BURGESS, and of course AUSTINS if I may be of any help.

SAUNDERS posted by Evelyn Davey Begin on Saturday, October 11, 1997
Looking for Nelson SAUNDERS or his sister Vivian Saunders, the children of Nelson Homer Saunders who is deceased. Their step-mother was named Ella Saunders. The last I knew of the elder Nelson Saunders was that he lived on the west side of Detroit. They would be the cousins to my father, Nelson Homer Davey, who was named after his uncle Nelson Saunders.

PORTER posted by Shar Moore on Sunday, October 12, 1997
PORTER, Frederick, wife Kasha ? I am looking for the maiden name of Kasha. also birth of a son area 1938/42. the flint area i believe

MIES posted by Charles L. Meese on Monday, October 13, 1997
Searching for descendants of Philip MIES who came to America in 1742 on the ship St. Mark. and settled around Lancaster County, Pa. My line is as follows: Philip, Baltzer, George, and Elijah (who came to Ohio in 1830). I have some information referring to Calvin Meese, the son of Norman Meese, the son of Elijah Meese who was a Minister and married and moved to Michigan, subsequently dying there.

BURROWS, COLLINS, DUNSTAN, WHITFORD posted by H. Nash on Tuesday, October 14, 1997
Thomas (aka John) DUNSTAN born 3 Jan. 1857 Cornwall, England. Parents Joseph Trenerry DUNSTAN and Fanny (nee WHITFORD). Married Sarah Ann BURROWS born 2 February 1863 Cornwall, England.Parents John BURROWS and Ann Jane (nee COLLINS). They married at the parsonage of the Presbyterian church, Ishpeming, Marquette County, Michigan on the 16th of September 1882. Thomas DUNSTAN worked as a miner in Cornwall. Any information about this couple while living in Michigan? They eventually moved to Illinois. They were my great grandparents.

AUSTIN, BURGESS posted by Val Barney on Wednesday, October 15, 1997
Subject: Shiawassee County Surnames There is a BURGESS cemetery in above county. Is there anyone that has access to the listing of burials? I am looking for data on Mary C BURGESS b Jan of 1829 or 1830 dau of John Burgess and Hannah ?? of NY. Mary was born in Canada or Michigan depending on county document believed. I believe Mary had a brother Thomas b 1834 who married Nancy. Mary married Jedediah AUSTIN and had 8+ children. Jedediah, Mary, Ida age 11, Hannah age 2 and Lafayette age 1 mo? are listed in the 1860 Montcalm County Census. My records show that Lafayette was born in Ashton, Osceola county. Jedediah's parents, William (CT?) and Mary (no maiden name) (Canada) and four children, Phebe b 1837, Jedediah b 1831?, Sarah b 1838 and Edwin b 1842 are listed in Sanilac Census. I need any info anyone might have for years previous and any data on Jedediah's and Mary's parents, g-parents, etc. Both Jedediah and Mary were buried in Yakima, Washington, most of their children scattered through-out central Washington. Long ways from home, huh? Lafayette Kossuth Austin, born 4 June, 1860 in Ashton, Mi is my g-g-grandfather. Thanks, Val Barney

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